Hi All, Taking a break.

Dear all reader, Thank you for coming in. I will be taking a break and back in late Feb or early March to share more food post. This break is a much needed break as I need to focus on my new job which require more of my time. And to write a blog post is really taking up a lot of my personal time as I am looking to improve my writing skill. Please pardon my grammar as my can write much better in Chinese instead of English.

I have many travel plan to share more food post and would sincerely ask for kind donation to keep me going and going. And if you love my post and would like to help. Please send your donation to my

Singapore POSB saving account. 093-42638-0.

Thank you very much, Please come back for more in March and please share my food post if you like it.

The above photo was my trip to shirakawago Japan few years back for the light up event.


Cheers and have a great time. Take you for your precious time.


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