Lovely morning rush mouth watering mee sua (Malacca)


Mee Sua, a very thin and lightly salted noodle made from wheat flour, and usually cooked during one’s birthday in Singapore. It looks easy to cook but it is not what you thing just throw into boiling water and boil to cook. If its not cooked properly, it will be either a chuck stick together or too soft.

And I found one shop actually cooked the mee sua to a perfection in Malacca, and here was my encounter with the perfect mee sua Malacca.

Exterior of tiny corner old school coffee shop

This shop is located right at the heart of Jonker Street which is the most famous street in Malacca, where every visitor will walk the Jonker Street to soak into the wonder atmosphere of this busy street. And she has a distinctive shop exterior with her collapsible gate painted in vivid yellow. And since it is a corner shop it will be very easy to locate the shop.

Chinese was read from right to left traditionally
Old school tradition set up of interior

The shop interior is like a time capsule with almost everything stuck in the old days with utterly little change. Like the Chinese signboard with Chinese word read from right to left (Traditionally Chinese was read from right to left and top to bottom). The tradition Volakas white marble table top with wooden chair that almost turning into black.

Time stood still to this coffee shop

This shop cooking area is kind of shield away from the public eye from both internal and externally, with some counter and glass counter display like what you see at the above. Nothing much to shout about as some eatery doesn’t bother much about their set up as long their food is good and yummy.

Bowl of hot and yummy mee sua

My partner and I went there in the wee morning to avoid the big crowd when they will hit Jonker Street from 10 am on wards. Turn out their morning is a equally busy hour for them, we order 2 Bowls of mee sua and a plate of oyster omelette for our 1st meal of the day in Malacca.

Fragrance fresh mee sua with kick ass pork lard
Wonder soft pork liver
Malacca version of pig intestine is heaven

And what came to our table was a truly perfect day for us to start our day in Malacca. The bowl of piping hot mee sua released a great of pork lard fragrance and reach straight to my brain. A bowl of mee sua come with mee sua of course, other ingredients included sliced pork, diced pork, pork intestine, oyster, vegetable and my favorite pork lard!

The hot soup was refreshingly light with the signature of very mild starchiness of Mee sua, the mee sua was perfectly cooked as the noodle has the right springiness and not over soft, and the mee sua was soft soft smooth smooth and does not stick to my teeth when chew on it. The pig intestine was without any smell when I bite on it and they are mildly crunchy with wonderful chewiness.

The flavorful Crunchy sticky type solid pork lard was to my liking as it was made in Malaysia, where most of the pork lard I ate in Singapore are pre-packedĀ  from Indonesia.

Fancy oyster omelette as breakfast?
Lovely chewy oyster

And I would say their fried oyster omelette was another star attraction dish. The freid egg was fluffy spongy like mesh mellow, and it had a distinctive wok hei (essence of frying wok) aromatic. A mouthful in my mouth caused it to run riot in my mouth when I chew on the utterly full flavor of fluffy wok hei fried omelette. It was an utterly engulfing experience in a fresh morning with this serious wok hei dish.

Wonderful kick butt chilli

Lastly, remember to dip your dish and meal into their home made chilli in soy sauce, it freshen us up for the rest of our day in Malacca. And do remember they don’t open on Sunday for business, This is my choice of hot spicy yummy breakfast in Malacca.

Name:Pin Pin Hiong Restaurant – Mee Sua
Yumminess: 8.5/10
Where: 786, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Lights on: Mon – Sat 0700-1400hrs
How to reach there : Uber, Grab or taxi or walk from your hotel if you are near by


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