Original legendary coconut milk shake! (Malacca)

Finally grab the opportunity to try the legendary original coconut milk shake in Malacca, and during my 1st road trip to Malacca I actually went to another coconut milk shake stall instead of this original stall. Who was the one who created this coconut milk shake in Malacca.

The entrance to the original coconut milk shake

You have to drive along a main road and towards West of Jonker street, and you reached a junction where you can see some sun umbrella and a small kiosk with the signage bearing “Klebang original coconut milk shake”. That was their “out post” kiosk. Their main stall is about 80-100m away from main road, and this was what greet you when you reach their shop.

Drive in and get to the back of shop where there are ample parking lot.

Customer are constantly steaming in for their legendary drink

At the entrance of the shop, you can see stream of people Q-ing up. The Q is for you to make payment of of snack and you place order of your coconut milk shake.

Staff preparing both taking order and dine in order of coconut milk shake

On the right of the shop is where all the show you can see. All the staff was busy with their specific task to prepare non stop ordering of coconut milk shake for those thirsty soul in the line.

They are serving many other snacks too

After ordered our coconut milk shake, and taken our seat for our coconut milk shake to be ready. We saw a lot of Malay snack which look really appetizing, we took our time to browse through their array of offer.

Price tag of their coconut milk shake

They display their price tag by hanging them high so you won’t miss it. Beside a few variety of coconut milk shake. they do offer other drinks too, so if coconut milk shake is not your cup of tea, you may order other drinks.

Their opening hour and take note of Friday opening

Their business hour is displayed on the right side of entrance, and do take note of their opening hour on Friday. So you won’t come here during their rest day or resting hour.

Sea of coconut waiting to be turned coconut milk shake

Opposite the shop there was a shelter with many young coconut laying on the floor, and we saw they are being process there before sending to the shop to be made into delicious coconut milk shake.


A small glass of coconut milk shake but they are wonderland

The presentation was pretty normal. A small glass of not entirely finely grind with fine shred of fresh coconut meat can be seen on the surface of the shake, they added some vanilla ice cream for the extra flavor. It was a nice texture and this will show they used entire 100% coconut meat for their legendary milk shake.

Finely shredded coconut meat floating on top

This was a refreshing coconut milk shake with concoction of ice, coconut juice, young coconut meat and vanilla ice cream. It was a perfect mix as it wasn’t too watery nor too creamy, they are just nice and is smooth for the strew into our mouth.

They are flavorful and with mild fragrance hit our taste bud, after few second in our mouth with some bite of shredded young coconut in between to chew for.  And they are not artificially sweet but natural coconut sweetness attacked our taste bud till the last drop. If you want it more creamier, go for their “special” with a scoop of vanilla ice cream as topping.


Assortment of snacks to go with your coconut milk shake


Their snack was truly delicious too, the Fried fish dough was mild crunchy on the outside with fullness of fluffy soft inside. And you can’t go wrong with Malay style curry puff and their fried spring roll. Top with Malay signature chilli dipping sauce. I bet you will go for more if you spare room in your tummy.

One of the best coconut milk shake around in Malacca.


Name: Klebang Original Coconut Shake
Yumminess: 8/10
Where: 5, 75200 Klebang, Melaka, Malaysia
Tel:+60 13-399 4061
Lights on: Sat – Thurs 1100-1830, Fri 1430-1830/strong>
How to reach there : Uber, grab or taxi


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