Mouse tail? jelly? is called taibak that only serve here! (Malacca)

Here is one utterly simple dessert that was sold only in Malacca. And from my extensive research, it seems like Malacca is the only place you can see this dessert. Google for the history and unable to get and result why only this was sold in Malacca and not elsewhere.

The dessert with Malay food stall at the back

Me and my partner came to this stall in the morning after our trip to the famous Baba Charlie (local traditional pastry shop). They sell nothing but only drinks and dessert, and also some Chinese goreng pisang etc (Fritter banana).

What are they selling and their menu

They have their full menu at display for customer to decide what to eat, and the menu is mainly in Malay but this stall is run by a Chinese family so if you cant read Malay, just speak with them in Mandarin when ordering.

Simple stall, simple ingredients

All their dessert ingredients is at full display and you can stand by the side to watch them prepare your order of dessert. You may add ingredients to your liking with some small additional charges.

Taibak at full display

I am particularly glued my eye to their full display of white and red and pink staff which simmer in a tank of clear water, it is so prominent that it is the most outstanding colour you can notice when you drive pass the stall. And do take note they open only in the morning.

Lovely appetizing taibak

This dessert was called taibak (hokkien), it is called 老鼠粉 [mouse tail due to the similarity of the shape of this noodle like a mouse tail] in KL, 米台目 [bee tai bak in Hokkien] in Singapore). It is a tiny strips of noodle made of rice and the distinct shape of mouse tail like noodle was the result of pressing the rice flour through a container with many tiny round hole at the bottom.

Taibak, crushed ice, grass jelly

I chat with the owner a little and he told me traditionally they add blue coloring from a flower but change to chi cho (grass jelly) lately as people thought the blue coloring is chemical coloring. Damn how I wish I could have he taibak in the most traditional form, but no thanks to the panic public thinking of colouring are mostly chemical creation.

Lovely glassy texture of taibak
Crystal grass jelly

His Taibak surely pack a punch as they are refreshing chewy and tender, each bite on the taibak you are taste springiness of the taibak. The combination of his grass jelly was wonderful too since it is homemade, and it is silky jelly smooth like eating jelly water.

The creation is nothing fantastic but the taste is worth a visit to this stall in the morning when you need some thing cold for your morning run. Not to mentioned this is a dessert you can find in Malacca.


Name: Tengkera 冰檔
Yumminess: 8/10
Where: 344, Jalan Tengkera, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Lights on: 0700-1300hrs
How to reach there : Uber, Grab, Taxi, drive or walk if you want to. hehe


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