Giant size Putu Piring! (Malacca)

I eat Putu Piring (Malay) or TuTu Kueh (Hokkien) since young, this is a snack made of steamed rice flour with assortment of filling like crushed peanut, shredded coconut, Gula Melaka etc.  And I heard of this shop in Malacca selling some mouth watering putu piring with Gula Melaka and it is unusually big in serving size.   After I read some of their rave review, I pin them as my to eat place when i travel to Malacca.

Look at the long snaking line

This shop is located along a road called Jalan Tengkera and opens only in the evening, and there always a Q line especially so during weekend. If you unable to Q for at least 15-20 mins, it is best to avoid or visit them during weekday evening.

Their set up of famous putu piring

I had a short chat with the owner and was told those hungry soul has been queuing when she getting everything ready for her shop opening. And all her assistant was also busy to get their own stuff ready for the opening.

How your order is packed depends on your order size

She is very busy and constantly busy getting the steamed putu piring out of her steaming machine and out to her assistant, to be packed into appropriate order of each customer order. She put up a display of how she pack those order into various size of packing, this makes it easy and clear for her how she packed her hot and steam putu piring. I would say it is a good practice so as to avoid any dispute, taking the fact taht fussing customer is always popping here and there to make things difficult for shop owner.

Each staff handle specific duty

Each staff have their specific duty in the process of making piping hot putu piring and getting it into hungry soul tummy. 1st staff was to prepare and pack the rice flour and fill with gula Melaka, 2nd staff will take over and place a silky fabric over and place on a holding cup, and get ready to steam it.

6×4 steaming machine cater to all hungry soul

The owner she has the most important roll of looking over the process of steaming of putu piring, making sure it is perfectly steam before she remove it from the steaming machine and pack for her customer. She is constantly monitoring and checking each putu piring by eye. Once she knew it is perfectly steamed, she will remove and leave it her 3rd staff to pack the putu piring and handover to customer.

Big, Huge, Round and… yummy

Each of her putu piring is place on a small piece of banana leaf to retain the flavor and is come with some shredded coconut which is mildly salted.

You can see from this picture the rice cake is on a compact and sticky type

This Malacca’s putu piring is of unusually large size about 6-7cm diameter each, compare to Singapore’s version on a size around 4cm. This is alomst double in size.
Rice flour is compactly sticky type unlike Singapore version which is more on a firm and brittler type. The gula Melaka is of the right balance of sweetness and not overly sweet and it has a aromatic nice fragrance thanks to the banana leaf.

Very enticing brown Gula Melaka filling

The gula Melaka filling was pretty generous and it has a aromatic, flavorful taste. And although the rice cake is not of what I expected of fluffy type, the gula Melaka has capture my heart.

It is best to eat the putu piring while it is still warm, couple with some shredded coconut and with the fragrance banana leaf. This is one Putu Piring you should not miss.

Name: Putu Piring Tengkera
Yumminess: 8/10
Tel: +60 6-282 1505
Lights on: Mon to Sat 1800-2200 hrs
How to reach there : Drive, uber, grab or “walk”. 🙂


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