Juice expel insanely fresh live clam/lala and cockle (Malacca)

I visited Malacca few times but limited to only day trip. Never did I know Malacca’s evening is even more lively. The popular tourist place is forever pack during day time and same goes with famous Jonker street is pack with people during day time too. After those shops along Jonker street shut their door by 6 to 7pm, the street will be close to traffic and become a night market street. And right at the back of Jonker street there is this T junction area will be turn into a eat street for the entire evening.

This is where all traveler and tourist come out full force to fill Jonker street’s night market and also to sample some great and yummy street eat.

Discover this stall like discover new land

As I was scanning through the Jonker evening eat street, I saw a make shift stall with a huge sign of price tag of RM10 for their seafood. And that really caught my attention as I am sucker of affordable food, but I need to know are they worth what they had advertised with their affordable price.

Clam/lala display show

So turn out this evening make shift stall was selling live steam clam/lala, steam live cockles and Sotong kangkong. The stall owner displayed as many plate of his cockle/lala to entice all the hungry soul passing his stall, and obviously what his displayed arrested my curiosity.

Live clam/lala open up for fresh air

As I was combing his display of seafood, I realized the clam and cockle is actually alive and those clam occasionally ejecting water out of their shell. And the stall owner also keep adding water onto plates of clam to let the clam absorb the water and ejecting it, this is to let all the hungry soul know his clam and cockle are as fresh as it can get. Since it is at an affordable price of RM10 (SGD3.3) per plate, I ordered a plate of clam and cockle each and took an empty table to wait for my fresh clam and cockles.

Enticing texture

Me and my partner waited around 15mins for our order to arrive at our table and we were enticed by the freshly steamed and fully opened clam/lala. And I can still see some tiny tiny sand grain from some steamed opened clam. And the dipping sauce was by placed the side of the plate of clam.

Still can notice some sand inside the clam/lala
Spicy dipping sauce top with crushed peanut

The freshly steamed clam is looks really fresh by the texture, and I just wait to dip those freshly steamed clam into the dipping sauce, to find the result of the pairing of his clam with his homemade dipping sauce.

Dip into the savory dipping sauce or…

I mixed up the spicy dipping sauce well crushed peanuts in it, then I follow up to remove a clam from it shell with a stick; soaked it entire into the dipping sauce to let it simmer awhile for the clam to absorb the essence of this spicy dipping sauce.

And my 1st blood on this water ejecting freshly steam clam?… Out of the world man! On the bite, it is very chewy, tender and juicy. The glassy texture skin is jelly soft and once you bite, the juicy just ooz out and fill your mouth with the taste of ocean. The homemade spicy dipping sauce just elevate the taste of clam/lala even more savory. So you taste the milky spicy chilli and the crunchy peanut beside the ocean’s clam/lala.

Have an insanely fresh clam/lala fill with dipping sauce

The spicy crunchy dipping sauce is so savory and flavorful… I took a lala with its shell and scope up more spicy crunchy sauce and just chewy on it. Letting the savory flavorful of both lala and dipping sauce run riot in my mouth, while I enjoying the essence of this wonderful concoction.

Nicely concoction spicy dipping sauce

The owner is pride of his sauce as his pretty tight lip on his creation, and I am not so concern and I know his fresh lala and savory dipping sauce will leave an impressive image in my mind.

Side show live cockle steam alive

As for his steamed fresh cockle, I can vouch the quality is even much better than what we have back in Singapore. Just look at this plate of cockle. Perfectly steamed and it is so clean that I am sure you will just pick 1 and throw into your mouth with the shell on it.

Bloody fresh cockle

Upon opened it up, the glassy fresh texture of the cockle will knocked you off from the chair. Yes they are bloody but it was very fresh and the colour of the blood is very vivid while Singapore’s version cockle had a more darker blood. Just look at the crystal texture of the cockle with its vivid blood, aren’t you not tempt by it fresh look? And the bite? is all the explosive oozing juicy bloody chewy tender jelly soft experience!

Name: No Name stall
Yumminess: 9.5/10
Where: Jonker street..
Lights on: Fri to Sun, 1800-2330 hrs
How to reach there : It is in the heart of Jonker Street


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