Ultimately additive snack! This is the super, super, super, super, super real bomb (Malacca)

The unexpected found of the additive potato donut was the highlight of my recent Malacca trip, but this next snack surpassed the potato donut I found earlier on.

I was told he is real deal who started it

I finished 1 potato donut CLICK LINK HERE from the 1st shop I came about and decided to head back to hotel room to devour the rest of donut, and not far away there was another potato donut shop. They are selling the same thing with the only different in their signage was a man while the former was a lady. And this set up was much bigger than the former, I reckon this should could the guy who started the potato donut and later someone manage to replicate the recipe.

Care to Q up? There at least 50 people in the line

I saw the shop front was fully packed with car and looking for a road side parking was an uphill challenge and I had the feeling of a long beeline judging the number of car parked around the shop.

I parked the car about 50m away and as I reached the shop entrance, I almost fell off from my chair. The number of people queuing up for the potato donut was like 50 people in the Q, but I still decided to queue up and wait patiently my turn.

Their tray of potato donut going at lightning speed
On an average of 10-20 per order at a go

I waited about 20mins for my turn and I saw about 3-4 huge tray of ready fried potato donut waiting for hungry soul. I began to compare this potato donut with the former and I realized their appearance look slightly better, because it was fried to a perfectly light golden brown compared to the dark golden brown of former.

This is the real bomb! Look at the web like potato filling

I quickly took my order to car and quickly do a comparison between both, and this one really has a more consistent golden brown crust; and a more consistent coating of a thin thin layer of sugar. The bite was out of the world! The crust was thinner compare to the former, and the sugar coating is even more fragrance. The potato filling was more fluffy, soft and chewy, with the concoction of paper thin crust, wonderful aromatic glassy sugar coating and fluffy soft potato. The got to be a winner formula that can garner a huge base of loyal fan, the super long beeline is the evidence of winner formula to win the heart of loyal fan.

Don’t leave Malacca without eating their potato donut!

Thin crust and crunchy. Fulfilling potato inside and is filled and firm.

Name: Kuih Keria Antarabangsa Haji Jalil
Yumminess: 10/10
Where: 3123C, Jalan Limbongan, Kampung Limbongan, 75250 Melaka, Malaysia
Tel: +60 12-691 4026
Lights on: Sat to Thurs 1100-1900 hrs
How to reach there : Drive, uber, grab or “walk”. 🙂


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