A hidden gem only local know it (Malacca)

I found this eatery from some Chinese food blog and I very sure they worth a mention, and here is my opinion on this humble eatery serving Melaka style yong tau fu.

Don’t be deceived by a little rundown of shp front

This yong tau fu shop is located at a corner shop house beside a food court, and is about 10mins walk from Jonker Street. The eatery shop front is not loudly decorate with prominent signage, she only has a simple shop front canvas print which simply printed only her shop name and nothing else.

Clean, tidy and airy interior

The eatery setup is clean and airy with simple plastic chair and table dining area, with the cooking area tuck in the left of shop entrance.

Drooling ingredient on the display

Springy bouncy flavorful fish ball

The fresh looking and mouth watering yong tau fu ingredients is at the full sight of customer, so as to entice and capture hungry soul stomach. There is even lingering aroma in the air if you stand closer to look at the ingredients.

The glass display case is almost full of pre cooked ingredients, and most of the ingredient are made of fish paste and tau fu with fish paste filling.

3 types of dipping sauce for you

You will be served with a standard assortment of yong tau fu with soup in bowl, and your choice of noodle in either dry or wet version. On the table there will be some dipping sauces for you to add flavor to the bowl of yong tau fu.

Clear, refreshing broth with very little oil
Her version on soup type yong tau fu with kway teow (flat rice noodle)
Crunchy “juicy” pork lard

I ordered dry yellow noodle and I really love the bite of it. The noodle was in very light yellow unlike those common yellow noodle in bright yellow, and the noodle is really chewy smooth to bite on it with a springy texture. My partner’s kway teow soup is silky smooth, like a coat of gloss being coated on it. All this thanks to the mineral water the local using it to make their noodle. Not to mention the pork lard is heaven. Crunchy outside and creamy soft insides, the fragrance of pork essence just exploded and ooz in side your mouth when you bite it. And surprisingly the fried onion is crispy even after a while of simmer in the bowl of noodle.

Very mouth watering homemade tau fu

Soup is refreshing and no MSG in it, and really an appetizing soup that I even finished till the last drop of it.

The fried fish ball has thinly fried skin and soft chewy springy bouncy bite on the inside, and tau fu is of a firm body with a chewy refreshing bite thanks to the local mineral water again.

When we were there, we are the only non-local there and stream of local just keep coming in like they know when an empty table will be available. This is one hidden gem that any food hunter should eat when they are in Malacca.

Name: Restoran Yong Tau Fu Cheng Fong
Yumminess: 8.5/10
Where: Lorong Laksamana Cheng Ho 2, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
Lights on: *
How to reach there : Uber/grab/taxi or about 10-15 mins walk from Jonker street towards East


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