Modest peanut soup but taste will capture your heart (Malacca)

Malacca’s famous Jonker street has a lot great eatery serving all the yummy food to hungry soul and tourist, regardless of day or night there are always no lack of food selection. Day time is where those shop lot eatery playing host, while most shop closed in the evening and street vendor taking the center stage; with entire Jonker Street closed to traffic and turn into walking street.


A long standing modest and old school coffee shop

This is an old school modest look of a typical coffee shop from a past still standing strongly at a corner of Jonker Street. With her still stuck in the past interior and serving modest food to all the people walk into Jonker Street, her peanut soup is worth a mention here.

Old school table and chair of interior
What they have been serving all these years

Beside the usual serving of beverages, this coffee shop also offer dessert like cendol, ice kacang and humble peanut soup. She also has full meal like chicken rice and wanton Mee if you in need of a full meal to fill your empty tummy.

Menu on table with only peanut soup as hot dessert
A modest dessert with winder taste
Wonderland smooth smooth peanut soup

The humble peanut soup serve in a simple plastic bowl and spoon. The look of it may not appeal to you but I am sure the taste does.
The peanut was slow cook with long hours to brittle soft and yet still retain the “wholeness” of a peanut, the soup is not those sweet type but more on both side little salty and little sweetness on your taste bud. The peanut is so soft that can be devoured even without teeth, so is suitable with little kid too.

This refreshing peanut soup is something you want when you need just a tiny filling to your stomach.

Name: Low Kong Jong Ice Café
Yumminess: 7.5/10
Where: 87, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Lights on: Daily 1200 – 2200 hrs
How to reach there : Is in the heart of Jonker street


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