Best of the best Cendol with heart of gold (Malacca)

I visited Malacca 2-3 times with friends on a day trip basis for the past few years, and I decided to do a weekend stay over trip to see more of Malacca and to hunt down some great eat. Here is my Malacca food hunt with this authentic Nyonya cendol. I was told by some friends this kind lady served the best cendol in Malacca.

A simple hut with simple treat

Aunty Koh’s stall is just a humble and simple zinc roof hut located just in front of her house. Beside her hut that she does her trade has ample parking space for those who drive or ride. She wake up really early like 1-3am during weekend of her operation day, just to handmade all the fresh ingredient like coconut milk and pandan leaf rice noodle. She does everything by herself, she pluck the pandan leaves from her garden to extract the green for rice noodle, scrap and hand squeeze the coconut meat for her fresh coconut milk etc.

She had new signboard and look at the patience Q line

Aunty Koh handmade only portion just enough for her day sales and that is the reason why it can sold out like within an hour or so. An advise to reader who want to have a taste of her cendol, is best you reach there early to Q up even before she open her stall; because you never know when is going to sold out.

Auny Koh preparing cendol

Aunty Koh take her time to prepare each bowl of cendol with care, and those people in the queue patiently waiting for their order without any noise. Everyone just line orderly to collect their bowl of wonderful cendol.

The fast going pandan leaf rice noodle

First she scope up the correct portion of pandan leaf rice jelly, then have the shaved ice in the bowl, add the freshly made coconut milk and finish with a little scope of Gula Melaka next. She will ask you to add the gula Melaka by yourself if what she gave is not enough for you. She does not collect payment from you, but asked you to leave it in the drawer and take the change by yourself. It is good ask she does not handle the money for we know money note has gem on the surface. I had a very warm chat with her while she prepared my order.

Homemade pandan leaf rice noodle at it best

I like her pandan leaf rice jelly very much as you can see form the texture, the colour and the way it made. It is a real home made type of ingredient. Such time consuming work for her so Auny Koh made only enough for her opening hour. No more no less.

Shaved ice, pandan leaf rice noodle, coconut milk and Gula Melaka

Here is her bowl of humble cendol with love from Auny Koh, nothing fantastic yet a simple dessert that capture the heart of hungry soul. A bowl of cendol with simple ingredient like shaved ice, coconut santan, pandan leaf rice jelly, gula Melaka and her heart of gold. Is Aunty Koh gift to the world.

Simple and humble cendol with golden heart

When I get the 1st taste of it. Oh my goodness!!! The fragrance of coconut milk just exploded in my mouth, it is so fresh and it got to be the most freshest coconut milk I had tried. Very silky creamy with the richest aroma I had, couple with the natural sweet gula Melaka, and the softly firm and yet chewy pandan leaf rice jelly. This got to be the most yummiest dessert I have had. A truly simple bowl of milkiest and creamiest cendol that had capture my heart.

After finishing, please help Auny Koh to wash the bowl

After finished my bowl of very additive cendol, as usual I always like to clear my bowl and i saw people washing yjr bowl and spoon; so i just monkey see monkey do. Not when this practice started but I like it the way is operate by her. She trust you with her heart for the correct payment, so she could prepare her lovely bowl of cendol at ease. washing the bowl and spoon by yourself after finished also helps to lighten her load of work.

I chat a bit more with her before i left and realized she still carried out a finial wash of all the bowls and spoons to ensure it is thoroughly clean, for her next batch of patient customer when she open business again. She has aged a lot since 2013, may God bless she good health.

Name: Aunty Koh Cendol
Yumminess: 9.9/10
Where: 5113, Jalan Batang Tiga, Kampung Bukit Rambai, 75250 Melaka, Malaysia
Lights on: Sat & Sun only, 1130-1330 hrs
How to reach there : Uber/Grab/Drive/Taxi etc


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