Not the usual filling super super super additive mouth watering snack! (Malacca)

Some time when I go the length to hunt down yummy food, the journey to the location may have some pop out surprise for me along the way. I always find some interesting places and some mouth watering looking food, which caught my attention and prompt me to make a record of it. And follow up with some research before I patronize that food establishment, and here was a surprise found which I didn’t even bother to research any information, and went straight to patronize them.

What a surprised found of this humble and yet delicious food

I was actually on my way to the legendary famous original coconut milk shake in Malacca, and I passed a place with huge eye catching shop signage; that caught my attention. This prompted me to slow down and I noticed few people were queuing up at that shop with huge sign.

Was confused at 1st which one to eat

I decided to stop by the road side of check out the shop, saw a the sign showing 2 types of prominence food of some kind of donut and laska. The shop doesn’t seems to open yet, but people formed a beeline and waited patiently for the shop to open, I decided to go back after after my coconut milk shake.

Shop not open yet but hungry soul cant wait


Insanely freshly fried donut

Went back to the shop after my coconut milk shake and turned out those people are queuing up for their fried donut. The staff took out 1-2 tray each time and those hungry soul ordered like 10-20 at a go each time. And more people are joining the getting longer queue.

lovely coat of sugar and consistently in size and shape donut

At a closer look, each donut was in perfectly round shape of about 5cm, with an evenly fried dark brown crust and coated with sugar. And that surely spice up your appetite.

You become a math master with this table to help you in your order

They even have a price list on quantity, so to make it easy for the tabulation of price. It is an effective method and it can clear the beeline faster. Any time you see such price list at a shop, just whack the food as it shown people are ordering the food at large quantity.

Only know this is a potato filling till I bite into one of this mouth watering donut

As I had my coconut milk shake so I took away only a small quantity to try. OMG!!! It was bloody appetizing and additive! No wonder people are willing to Q up even before it open. As I took the 1st bite on the no idea what kind of donut was that, and just blown my mind away! The donut was made of potato and the crust was fried to a perfect but little thick skin layer to give a crispy and crunchy bite, with fluffily filled potato on the inside. The potato filling wasn’t those tightly compress kind but of fluffy like of soft bread. The randomly sugar coated crust added some small sweetness onto the donut and it gave out some aroma while I chew on it. I have no idea how they make the crunchy crust, but that surely is one of my must try every time I visit Malacca.

I had discovered a new “land”!

Name: Kuih Keria Antarabangsa Hjh Rahmah
Yumminess: 9.5/10
Where: Klebang Kechil, 75200 Malacca, Malaysia
Tel: 016-682 1054
Lights on: Sat – Thurs, 1300 – 1900 hrs
How to reach there : Uber/Grab/Drive/Taxi etc


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