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Savory wanton/dumpling and…(Saigon)

I am surprised to find out that part of Saigon city loves dumpling and actually I shouldn’t be surprise at all, because some Vietnamese was from China during our great grand parents days; where our ancestor from China move out to seek a better life back outside China. I google for some information and found out this part of Saigon has a street, that is serving main dumpling with fierce competition from each other.

I zero in a particular shop and unfortunately when I arrived, they just sold out their last bowl of dumpling in mid afternoon!!! As I got a little upset about it… I saw another dumpling with huge signboard that caught my attention. And the shop has 4 shop lots which was a good sign of yummy food, huge customer and hence expended into 4 shops.  The shop is clean with ample seating and I mean normal dining seat and not those sit on stool kind, and 1 of their shop is a for cooking and preparation area with other 2 shop lot for dining. The usual scene of motorbike parking outside the shop which most Vietnamese does that when they shop and dine at a location, and the shop has awing or canopy which helps to shield customer/motorbike from scorching sun or heavy rain.

They have 9 variety of food on their menu, and the shining star goes to their mixed ingredient dumpling soup. A bowl of mixed ingredient came with dumpling, pork skin, cuttlefish, fish ball and vegetable.  I can smell the aromatic of the broth when they served to my table, and needless to say the presentation was good too. They shown all the ingredient on the bowl except the dumpling which they hidden it at the bottom of the bowl, and that made you dig in and stir it well with the aromatic fragrance released with the mixing of broth and ingredients.

Now come my sampling, a spoonful of the sizzling hot peppery broth run riot in my mouth; and I was told by a customer to add some lime on it to have another go on the broth. OMG the addition of the lime with a few pork lard on broth, helps to release even more aromatic taste on my taste bud. The broth has even more kick and very appetizing with the help of lime added. The dumpling came in a huge solid size with “jelly” like silky thin skin and a huge piece of crunchy chewy prawn in it, the minced meat was well marinated and easy on the bite as they are soft. The additional of pork skin in the bowl is another item I would like to highlight, as they are bouncy and springy like sponge, with crunchy juicy on the bite. And the cuttlefish was solidly firm with crunchy bite with silky texture looks.

I finished to the last drop broth and left the shop with a happy face.

4 shop lot are a prove of delicious food they are serving
Cooking area
Serving size of each bowl
Bowl of of mouth watering wondeland
Super wonder concoction ingredients
“Jelly” thin skin of dumpling
Full prawn in a dumpling
Fragrance hot and spicy chili oil dipping sauce
Butt kicking broth with killer pork lard

Name: Quán Sủi Cảo Ngọc Ý
Yumminess: 7.8/10
Where: 187 Hà Tôn Quyền, 4, 11, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Tel: +84 93 378 57 88
Lights on: Daily 0800 – 2200 hrs
How to reach there : Uber/grab/taxi/bikes etc


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