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MEET FRESH cold cold creamy soft dessert (Saigon)

Dessert is such a therapeutic food to a lot of people, and some go to the extend of eating the same thing day after day and will never go bore about it. And I am surprised to find such dessert shop in Saigon, and best of all a well known dessert shop from Taiwan set their foot in Saigon. But I usually have some reserve on any famous food export out from it origin place, because mostly unable to get the original source of ingredient and hence compromising the original fantastic taste.

Before I step into this Taiwan dessert shop in Saigon, I already discounted the taste of the dessert will be different from the original source. And my concern was not valid at all as the taste of the dessert is as delicious as those in Taiwan!

Let start from the shop design and layout. It is a clean and neat shop with typical layout of dining area on 2nd level and sale counter on the 1st level and fronting the main door. The only draw back was the take away waiting area was a bench along a narrow walk way leading to 2nd level dining area. Anyone sitting there waiting for their take away order will hinder people who are passing the narrow walk way and onto 2nd for to dine in order. However, that didn’t pose a problem to the diner passing the walk way, and the 2nd level dining area is well lit with contemporary layout.

I ordered their signature Meet Fresh Signature Herbal Jelly and my partner had their Taro Ball No. 4. And my 1st impression on the presentation met my expectation of an appetizing glassy texture of their version in Taiwan. The grass jelly is seriously silky smooth and will melt slowly in mouth even using only our tongue to bite. The taro yum ball is firm and yet very chewy and bouncy with glassy texture on the outside, and chewy soft on the inside. Add in their soy milk will even elevate the flavor of this dessert even better, and concoction of all is not as sweet as you think a dessert should be. They are mild sweet with some taste of herbal from the grass jelly. Mixed up everything well and you will have a super creamy smooth dessert running riot in your mouth. The Taro Ball No. 4 is equal yummy as the red bean is cooked to perfection with soft bite and not sticky to your teeth, needless to say the crystal texture of grass ball is super smooth and has nice chewy bite too.

Take a walk along their walking street in the evening, and eat the meet fresh dessert once you done with the walking while soaking into Vietnamese happy evening.  A really mouth watering soft and smooth dessert not to be missed in Saigon.

Freshly located beside the famous Walking Street Nguyen Hue
Huge and brightly lit shop front
Menu 1
and menu 2
Yummy Taro ball No. 4 and Meet fresh signature herbal jelly
Signature dessert with crystal glass texture of grass jelly
Glass texture pearl ball for Taro ball No. 4
Wonderful presentation and eye catching texture for Taro ball No. 4
Soaking soy milk made it every better
Price for 2 pax dessert time

Name: Meet Fresh Vietnam
Yumminess: 9/10
Where: 46 Ngô Đức Kế, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Tel: +84 1900 588899
Lights on: Daily 1000 – 2200 hrs
How to reach there : Uber/Grab/taxi or walk if you stay near them


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