Saigon/Ho Chi Minh

Screamingly hot & wonderland BBQ seafood (Saigon)

Saigon/Ho Chi Minh is a little waking dragon and she gradually gaining her popularity in recent year. All thanks to social media giving the attention to those wonderful assortment of food she can offer. Eating at local seafood joint is one of those to do list for food hunter, and she has many choices for all hungry soul and food traveler out there.

After couple of day in Saigon, I asked my partner to try some luck hunt down a good seafood eatery which only mainly local will go to, my partner did some googling and we zero into a seafood eatery called OC DAO. Not knowing will we hitting a local joint or tourist trap, we just make our way there by foot. We reach there during the opening hour and don’t see much people there, so we kind of not sure about this so we explore the area in hope hungry soul will fill up the seat.

We went back about 45mins later and found the place was 90% filled with local! A good sign and was what we were hoping for, and we were fortunate to get an empty table. Their assortment of seafood is on display at the entrance with BBQ area just beside those display and the cooking area is just behind. It was a strategic they deployed to showcase the cooking and BBQ process to enticed more hungry soul.

We settled in and quickly select our choice of sinful mouth watering seafood, and we got bamboo clam, octopus, BBQ butter oyster. The BBQ butter oyster came 1st and we were attack by the fragrance BBQ butter, it was so nice to smell at and my partner had the 1st blood on this BBQ butter oyster instantly at the blink of my eye. Me next began the devouring process at once and oh my god, it taste so good while it’s serve fresh and hot from BBQ pit. It was creamy soft on the melted butter and with freshly sea salt taste on the juicy oyster; needless to say the oyster bite was smooth like jelly and slippery.

Next the fried octopus is really out of the world, so fresh that you can still feel “alive”; the “alive” feel was enhanced by the mild sweet spicy chili mixed with the octopus. The spicy sauce was so flavorful that you think the octopus still “alive”! The meat was bouncy chewy with the springy bite in your mouth.

On the dipping sauce, I would say the local are really good at mixing up a tangy and savory dipping sauce to pair with the seafood they are serving. Like the bamboo clam was not only fresh with chewy and juicy meat, the pairing of the dipping sauce makes it even better.

Go Saigon? Must eat Saigon’s local seafood at least once.

A great found by my partner… the OC Dao
An assortment of shell for your graving neds
The Vietnamese way of dining

Vietnamese style dining
Drooling lovely BBQ seafood
Sauce and condiment
Lovely BBQ octopus
Octopus plus this dipping the lala land couple
Stir Fried bamboo clam with green
Insanely fresh and spicy bamboo clam
Look at the size of this drooling BBQ butter oyster
BBQ butter oyster
Pepper, salt and cut chili
Mixed it up to create wonderful dipping sauce
How much it burnt our pocket for 2.

Name: Ốc Đào – Nguyễn Thái Học
Yumminess: 9/10
Where: 132 Nguyễn Thái Học, Phạm Ngũ Lão, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Lights on: Evening time only
How to reach there : Take either Uber or Grab if you stay far from them.


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