Saigon/Ho Chi Minh

Amazing snack that you just can’t stop eating (Saigon)

Here is some devil snack I stumble upon while I was exploring Saigon China Town in the evening.

I was actually wanted to visit the lively China Town in the evening while I was in Saigon, I took an Uber with my partner but unable to locate the lively China Town area so we just alight by the road side and explored the area. And I was immediately notice some street vendor with trays and trays of black thingy on display. I walk over and realized they are finger size black/brown nice oval shape fruit like food, attracted by this little devil and i began to have chicken and duck talk with one of the vendor.

This little rare devil looks like some tiny fruit to me and it is in consistent shape of oval and colour of dark brown or black. I was totally mesmerize by this tiny furit when I hold one on hand, the shell of this fruit is covered with very fine smooth layer of velvet like skin!!! It was even nice to hold a bunch of them on hand, it was smooth like silk feeling on hand. I asked in a chicken and duck talk manner to the vendor what is the name of this fruit and he just utter something like “chay say”. OK… I noted it down to google later once back to hotel room.

I took one with a light pressed on this rare fruit and it just break open so easily, the easily opened crust revealed a light brown and soft meat inside. I took one put it in my mouth and my eye just open very wide! The 1st attack on taste bud was sour but as you chewy on the creamy soft meat, another mild sweet aromatic flavor just release and fill you mouth. I have the excited feeling of discover a new land feeling, and I bought a container of this little mouth watering snack. mind you they are not cheap or I got chop since I am a tourist to them, and it cost me 150,000 dong or around SGD10 (US 7.30).

My partner cant wait any longer and opened up the container took few and just eat it, of course I did the same too. This time it really blown my mind away as the processed snack is even much better to original flavor. The processed snacks was coated with sugar and make original taste even more flavorful, this is a deadly delicious concoction of sourly original taste with coated sugar that will make you eating them non stop until you empty the container of snack.  It was sourly sweet, soft on bite and utter additionally chewy.

I began to do some research after I back to hotel room, and I found it has 2 name to this tiny little wonderland. It is either called Trai Say or Xay Nhung, and I whatsapp my friend’s lovely wife what was this tiny fruit called in English. My friend wife has no idea at all, he told me the wife mentioned it is Southern snack a Northerner like her doesn’t know what is that. So… this is a well know snack in the South of Vietnam and not in the North. A little more google and I found out this distinctively strange fruit with a distinctive characteristic silky velvet shell fruit, was a rare tiny fruit from Central China, and how it end up become a great favorite to Southern Vietnam… That I have no idea as my few research return without any result, and by the next morning the container was empty out.

I tell you it was that attentive and you just cant stop eating it! Think me and my partner just got intoxicated by this tiny fruit.

Street vendor by the road side with all the black thingy on display


This strange fruit really caught my attaention
Nice to hold with the velvet like skin
The “meat” after skin was peeled.
Processed and ready to eat yummy snack
Seed of Trai Say/Xay Nhung

Name: This treat is called Trai Say or Xay Nhung 
Yumminess: 9/10
Where: Anywhere in China Town
Lights on: Explore the area and try your luck either day time or night time *
How to reach there : Take Uber/grab to China Town


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