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Rave about this sweet tooth attack! (Saigon)

It is nice to explore Saigon/Ho Chi Minh by foot as it allow you to stop by any street scene that arrest your attention, discover the area that interest you. It took me hours to hunt down this shop as my attention was given to many interesting street scene and architecture (I am an Interior Architect). When I arrived at the well hidden shop front, I was attracted to the cosy shop front with pretty climbing plant up the side wall. And the usual scene of motor bike parking at the shop front is a common scene in any eatery or shop in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh.

It is a small eatery and their seating and table is made of bamboo which gave the homey and cosy feeling. Do not expect a standard dining table and dining chair height. All they have are you will see across the entire Vietnam of… low table with stool height seating and I can vouch this unique dining seating is one and only in South East Asia at least.  I actually like this kind of seating as it feel relax and at ease like at home.

It was a hot and humid afternoon and I can’t wait to order my dessert and devour them ASAP. When I was there I saw some Caucasian in the shop with 2 local guide and I pretty sure their dessert is yummy, otherwise those local guide will not bother to bring their customer to patronize the eatery. I took the menu and went directly into ordering anything to do with Chocolate and I found they have Belgium dark Chocolate! So I ordered a Dark Chocolate milk with grass jelly and pearl ball, And I ordered another frozen yogurt with black sticky rice top with blueberry topping.

My serving of Frozen yogurt came to me 1st after about 5 mins wait, and i like the simple presentation of this dessert. It came in a decent size dessert bowl with black sticky rice at the bottom, and fill with generous amount of frozen yogurt top with nice and evenly spread of blueberry dressing. And this little sweet pie also came with a small bowl of crushed ice for mixing. This little sweet pie had instantly… caused me drooling so much in my mouth while I took some photos for my review post. I scope up a spoonful of black sticky rice, frozen yogurt and blueberry dressing, gave another detail look on the texture before I taste it for the 1st time. Man! the frozen yogurt is soft and chewy on bite and frozen cold, that surprised me that a frozen yogurt still can be soft on bite. The black sticky rice couple with frozen yogurt and blueberry dressing is deadly concoction, that has created a unique taste of sweetness and very mild sour taste. Slowly devouring this dessert in your mouth if you can as the black sticky rice helps to neutralize the cold frozen yogurt cube, that helps to prevent brain freeze. Take note of this ya?

After about 5 minutes, my favorite dark chocolate came! It came in tall dessert glass fully filled with dark chocolate milk to the rim, with grass jelly topping on the surface and black pearly ball at the bottom; completed with a huge ball of vanilla ice cream as the finishing touch. Here come the taste, The chocolate milk is really richly flavorful with silky chocolate taste, and deadly concentrated thick and smooth in texture. I then tried the mixed of grass jelly, pearly ball, some vanilla ice cream and the chocolate milk. The creamy vanilla ice cream, springy bouncy grass jelly  and chewy pearly ball help to neutralize to sweetness of chocolate. The combination of all will run riot in your mouth for sure.

I am going back to Ho Chi Minh for more on my next trip of my travel hunt and eat! cheers!



How the exterior of the shop looks like
Trop is the name of this shop
Cosy friendly interior
Their menu
Frozen yogurt, blueberry, black sticky rice and crushed ice

Evenly spread of blue berry onto frozen yogurt
Belgium dark chocolate with glass jelly and pearl ball
Lovely round pearl ball at the bottom
Top with Vanilla ice cream

Yumminess: 8.5/10
Where: 306 Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, 5, 3, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Tel: +84 91 801 66 11
Lights on: Dailt 1000 – 2200 hrs
How to reach there : Take a Uber or Grab


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