Saigon/Ho Chi Minh

Fantastic drooling mixed dishes with rice(Saigon)

I 1st step foot into Vietnam in 2014 with some good company, began to sample some good food by chance or recommendation by my friend who station in Vietnam for few years. And I do get good recommendation from hotel staff too.

This mixed dishes economy rice restaurant is in Ho Chi Minh/Saigon district 1 and was discovered by chance while I was exploring the area around my hotel (went back there to eat again in 2016 and 2017). And I would say this is the one and only decent looking restaurant worth a visit for, as not forgetting my weak stomach but I still gave a go since I have my trusted TS6 (pro-biotic) with me. Turned out this humble shop serve up mouth watering dishes for many hungry soul out there.

I did some research and found out they are actually Northern Vietnamese dishes, and ironically I didn’t see anyone of them when I was in Ha Noi; I didn’t go to the right place in Ha Noi? That doesn’t matter as what matter the most is they are well known. And my further research found out there is even a publication about their food in Japan. By the look of it their assortment of dishes is really appetizing to me, and they are a joy to look at as the shop is clean.

The way they serve their food is just like any of the economy rice stall (mixed dishes with rice) in Singapore, you point to the dishes you want and they will portion it to your rice. I had a few dishes like pork intestine with salty vegetable, sotong (squid) with pork meat, tiny white anchovies etc, and that come with a complimentary soup too! The pork intestine with salty vegetable was cooked to perfection of right amount of saltiness, and the pork intestine is chewy and tender. The Sotong with pork meat is a class of its own, it is very chewy and tender with the stuff meat into and it make it even more delicious. The stuff pork meat add flavour to the tender crunchy sotong while the mild sweet sauce just fused everything and elevate this tasty dishes to heavenly taste. The tiny white anchovies is another dish not to be miss, it is cooked to a smooth softness and with the right amount of saltiness in it. It is easy to bite as they are really soft and chewy. And the complimentary soup? I dare say the owner took pride in all their food as the vegetable soup is very delicious. It is refreshing and taste bud kicking, the vegetable was cooked to silky soft yet it didn’t disintegrate in the long process of of cooking. The soup is so tasty that I politely requested and they gave it to me! I am loving it man!


This yummy restaurant is just by a cross junction
Signboard? Cant read a thing in Viet expect the opening hour
They are just like any other typical mixed dish economy rice stall in Singapore
Assortment of dishes at display
Fancy any dish here?
Other lovely dishes at their stall
Pick your choice of complimentary soup
Simply humble but delicious dishes
This sotong is a bomb!
Look at the meat inside the sotong

Name:Quán Cơm Đồng Nhân (Bà Cả Đọi)
Yumminess: 8.2/10
Where: 42 Trương Định, Bến Thành, 1, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
Tel: +84 28 3822 1010
Lights on: Sun to Friday 1000-2000hrs, Sat 1000 – 0000hrs
How to reach there : Either stay area the area or take a uber/grab there


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