The bomb of China Town pig organ soup (Bangkok)

I am already the fan of this pig organ soup before they get really popular in recent year with a waiting time of up to 45mins. And here is why he is my choice of pig organ soup in China, and the Thai call this Singapore version of pig organ soup as Kuai Chap; and they serve with roll rice flour instead of rice in Singapore.

I 1st encounter this stall back in 2011 and prior to that I always stay clear of street food due to my weak tummy (bad experience in Bangkok back in 2008 made me bed ridden for 1.5 day in hotel) , and I only begin to eat oversea street food after my GP ask me to take TS6 (A probiotic powder that helps me to regulate my weak tummy) as a precaution; and I began my conquest of oversea street food after I started the TS6.

First of all, this is not a restaurant and they occupy the front of a cinema during the evening time of their business hour, and their dining table just spread along the road and you are literally eating by the road side when cars pass you. As China Town getting more and more crowd as year go by, the authority began to barricade side of the road to protect the forever growing visiting crowd to China Town. Hungry soul who wants to eat street food will usually Q up along the barricade and it form a layer of protection between the hungry diner and whizzing car… if any (drive through China Town is slow as it is car pack all day!).

The man behind his legendry Kuai Chap really live up to his name, as mountain and mountain of ingredient in tray on display is a sure sign of his Kuai Chap is famous among those hungry soul. A bowl of his mouth watering Kuai Chap consist of pork belly, pork liver, pork intestine, pork kidney, pork meat and roll rice noodle. What makes his Kuai Chap shine is the broth as they are peppery, spicy, smooth and savoury. The roll rice noodle is tenderly soft and chewy on bite with the pork belly is crispy on roasted skin and fatty soft on fat and tender on the lean meat, the rest of the pork part also complement each well and I like the pork liver very much. It is fluffy soft and has a soft tender bite.

I just need to warn you if you are not into peppery stuff, stay away as the hot broth is full of peppery aroma and it will dance in your mouth.

Day time cinema turn into evening popular eating street
Not as crowd few years ago but not since 2016 as the waiting time at least 45mins
The chef, the owner
All ingredient prepared in advance of the big crowd
Don’t be fool by the humble unattractive look
This where the dance began
Tender chewy roll rice noodle

Name: Kuai Chap Uan (ก๋วยจั๊บอ้วนโภชนา)
Yumminess: 9/10
Where: Yaowarat Rd, Khwaeng Chakkrawat, Chakkaphat, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10100, Thailand
Lights on: Teus to Sunday 1800 – 0300hrs
How to reach there : go to MRT Hua Lamphong, take exit 1 and walk West into China town


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