Kicking your butt authentic Thai cuisine (Bangkok)

This is a very old school authentic Thai restaurant in the heart of Siam Square, serving really authentic Thai cuisine. I 1st visited Bangkok in 2002 and found out this restaurant facade really attracted my attention, and whenever I want some good Thai cuisine with aircon (the hot weather in Bangkok is really terrible), I will pick them as my prime choice of Thai cuisine.

On my recent trip, I went back there again and I was lead to 2nd floor dining area due to 1st floor dining area was packed, and I was in for a surprise. There was a live music performance of some ancient Thai instrument, and all this years I dine at their 1st floor and never know there is a live music performance up at the 2nd floor. From now I should head straight to 2nd floor dining area to enjoy their delicious food and live music.

One of their signature dishes is steam fish which I never fail to order every time I visit them. The steam fish I had today was not as fresh as compare to other time I ate, but the lime broth make up the lost ground of the fish. It is very sourly savoury and spicy, towards the end it even has some mild sweetness in it.
Next was the clear tom yum seafood soup ordered by my partner, she loves tom yum very much and must always have tom yum soup whenever she travel with me to Bangkok. Their bowl of clear tom yum soup is full of ingredient and the best part they even have 1 small size crab body in it! Which many other restaurants serve their tom yum soup only with prawn, cuttlefish and slice fish cake. The soup is seriously refreshingly spicy and it elevates your appetite on your dining experience in this restaurant, and the crab, prawn and cuttlefish is pretty fresh too. It has the chewy bite and tenderness.

I am not a fan of papaya salad but my partner like it and it surprised me. I would say this is by far the best papaya salad I had. The plate of papaya salad looks really appetizing from the appearance as it has a nice freshly look texture on it. And I need to warn you, they are really spicy after you chewy and bite on it for some time. The spiciness will attack your taste bud viciously like after 30 seconds into your bite of this papaya salad. The shredded papaya is very crunchy chewy and appetizingly juicy, and I found they sprinkler some dried baby shrimp on it which elevated the experience to this famous Thai salad even better. It makes the whole plate of papaya salad crunchier and spicier sourly sweet. And I really like it very much and it shall goes into my must order list every time I go back to the restaurant.

We added an extra dish of red curry seafood in young coconut as we are hungry from our flight into Bangkok in the evening, and this dish didn’t fail us and meet our expectation. And I need to tell you… there is a half crab body inside! There are not many curry gravy inside and I guess the fried egg soak up the red curry. The fried egg with red curry is very savoury and very chewy juicy as it soak up the essence of the red curry, and don’t worry about the spiciness of the red curry as they are not that spicy with some sweetness in it. I then scope out some young coconut and mixed with the fried egg red curry to try on it, and that I would say bring a new dimension to my experience with this dish. It makes the spoonful of fried egg red curry with young coconut meat juicier with added crunchiness in it, not to mention it run riot to your taste bud with make you hungry for more of it. The rest of the ingredient like prawn and cuttlefish is crunchy chewy fresh too.

Drooling now? Why not plan your next trip to Bangkok ASAP and mark this restaurant in your food hunt list.

Old school restaurant with old school look
Ban Khun Mae Thai Cuisine
Go to 2nd floor dining area if you like live music
Steam sea bass with lime broth
Good seasoning on steam sea bass
A clear tom yum soup with bowlful of ingredient
Every ingredient inside the bowl is fresh
Surprisingly wonderful papaya salad
Even the appearance is utterly appetizing
New found love to this red curry seafood in young coconut
Coconut-ful of red curry seafood in young coconut
Make sure your each spoonful has fried egg and red curry in it
Young coconut, fried egg, red curry and you are in lala land

Name:Ban Khun Mae Restaurant (ร้านอาหาร “บ้านคุณแม่”)
Yumminess: 7.5/10
Where: 458/6-9 Siam Square Soi 8, Rama 1 Road, Patumwan District, Bangkok 10330, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 250 1953
Lights on: Daily 1100 – 2300 hrs
How to reach there : Alight at BTS Siam, take exit 4 walk South and pass Novotel Hotel


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