Sweet sweet After You Cafe Siam Square One (Bangkok)

There are many wonderful cafe in Bangkok and new cafe keep spawning every now and then. If you travel to Bangkok like twice a year. You will get to see new cafe open and each cafe has their unique interior design and decor, so it will always excite you whenever you are in Bangkok and if you are a cafe hopper.

“After You Cafe” is one of the must go cafe in Bangkok and there are many article and blog about them. This popular cafe began her life in 2007 in Thong Lor and it fly from there with more outlets set up within Bangkok. This out let in Siam Square is a real talk of town as she is always very crowded in any given operation time, and it is a hot spot for friends meeting and of course for those sweet tooth to hang out. And is very popular among Thai student since Siam Square is a hot spot for Thai student to hang out, and the other famous dessert shop “Mango Tango” was not far away too. Their interior high ceiling made this outlet is even more appealing.

They have a tag line of “There’s always room for dessert” and their tag line is really living up the name, with great selection for all the sweet tooth to choose from. And I got to know their signature dessert is a Shibuya honey toast from a Thai friend after my 1st visit to them few years ago.

I am chocolate lover and any café I go I always want to eat their chocolate dessert/ice cream etc. I ordered giant chocolate lava which cost 235Bht or around SGD10, and turn out giant chocolate lava cake is the size of a scope of ice cream; maybe this is consider giant size in Bangkok. Haha.

A plate of giant chocolate lava come in size of a full a scope of Vanilla ice cream, diced strawberry and of course the chocolate lava cake with icing. I immediately dive in to cut open the lava cake and the lave chocolate just ooz out smoothly and slowly, it is such a joy to see the flow of lava out of the chocolate cake. A scope of chocolate cake and the lava chocolate is full of richness of a dark chocolate; the cake is also on fluffy and soft side. The diced strawberry was mild sweet and little sour with good solid bite (I don’t like soft soft strawberry). Mixed up vanilla ice cream, lava chocolate and the diced strawberry, a spoonful of each created a uniquely sweet, flavourful with very mild sour on it. I love this! And I must try their signature treat the next time.

After You Dessert Cafe at Siam Square One
After you cafe entrance
Cafe still busting with life even near closing time of 12 midnight
Simple and yet eye catching logo
What I am going to eat
Not so giant after all. hahaha
Wonderful contrast colour
Liquid smooth lava cake

Name: After You Dessert Cafe (Siam Square One)
Yumminess: 8/10
Where: Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 115 1949
Lights on: Daily 12:00 – 2359hrs.
How to reach there : Alight at BTS Siam and walk over.


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