Yummy savoury fish maw (Bangkok)

Bangkok’s China Town is full of great eat during the busting night, her day time does has her own fair share of delicious food but area beyond West of of China town sure pack tons of mouth watering food during day time compare to China town’s.

Google “giant swing” in Bangkok map with marker appear and you will see North and West of giant swing highlighted in cream colour, which denoted busy commercial area with shopping and many food establishment. These area is the new food hub area for many truly travel food hunter like me. I begin my round of food hunt in early 2011 and slowly hunt down those great eat 1 by 1, and some had become my to eat list as long I am in Bangkok.

Here is a fish maw soup that I consider them as one of the best fish maw (dried swim bladder of fish) in Bangkok. Run by 2nd generation Thai Chinese and they operate only in the morning. I was there a few time after my 1st encounter with them, and I never fail to see they packing take away order in bulk. That scene is a great testimony of great food among the local, beside this little eatery has been around for ages.

If you are in hurry, try to avoid morning crowd and go only in late morning when they are not so busy. A bowl of their savoury and mouth watering fish maw is pack with all the punch, and it has a gooey springy starchy thick gravy that taste really good; it is also smooth and slurpy too. They definitely prepare the gravy with a heart as it has some very appetizing herb taste in it.

The fish maw is really pack with a heavenly savoury taste as it is softly springy with tender chewy bite. The bite is really soft and I am sure any small kid will enjoy their fish maw, add in fish sauce and pepper will elevate the bowl of fish maw taste even better.

And finally… all I could say their are my to eat food whenever I am in Bangkok. Cheers!

Crouching tiger hidden dragon fish maw shop
Price at a glance
Sauce that helps to elevate the taste
The man who make the name famous
Potful of mouth watering ingredient
A bowl of fish maw that will make you loving it
Smooth gravy and yummy fish maw

Name: Mit Potchana Fish Maw
Yumminess: 8/10
Where: Soi Mahannop 2, Khwaeng Sao Chingcha, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200, Thailand
Lights on: Tues to Sunday, 0700 hrs – 1400hrs
How to reach there : Take Uber or grab from China Town or from your hotel.


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