Crispy fish skin and wonderlust noodle (Bangkok)

When I chance upon this noodle shop few years ago, it was only 1 shop lot they have and recent visit again I am delighted to see they expended into 3 shop lot. A great testimony of their mouth watering noodle. But that was not what I think, when I went there with my local friend and he told me the family had split due to some disagreement; and they just stood side by side.

From the Chinese name appear on the signboard, one can tell this a Thai Chinese establishment and I did some research and realized they have been around for more than 1/2 a century. It was unpleasant to a family split due to some dispute but nevertheless they still serve the noodle at it best.

Their menu is very simple, pick you type of noodle, type of broth (clear or spicy) and size (Small, Middle or Large) and you take a seat to wait for the mouth watering noodle to arrive at your table. A bowl of spicy kicking noodle come with sliced fish cake, fish ball, minced pork, pork liver or pork kidney, and not to forgot those green garnish. And I also a bowl fried fish skin for side dish. The fried fish skin is really second to non in Bangkok, they are crispy thin and really very crunchy as they are really fried to the perfection with little cooking oil residue on it. Not sure what fish they are using as I didn’t ask, but the deep fried skin is really very appetizing as it has some seasoning on it; which make it so appetizing. The paper thin skin also make it very easy to chew and bite as it just crush so easily with just your tongue.

For the spicy tom yum noodle, the broth is light clear but they are really spicy as the broth hit the right note of spiciness, it is kicking butt spicy and mild sweet on the side. And one just cant stop drinking the broth and may forget about the noodle. Minced pork was perfectly cook with good softness and they are chewy juicy, the fish ball was bouncy springy and tenderly juicy as it retain moist within very well. Pork liver was cook to smooth and tender. Only the pork kidney which I they are a little on the hard side. But overall… it is a bowl of lethal combination of deep fried fish skin and spicy tom yum pork noodle, come together to create a mouth watering food.

See the Chinese shop sign? sign of good food
Full display of cooking and ingredients
Pork parts, you name it they have it.
Lovely humble texture and presentation
Lethal combination of fried fish skin and spicy noodle soup
Perfectly prepare spicy noodle
Pork kidney anyone?
Wonder fried fish skin

Name: Rung Rueng Bee Hoon ร้าน รุ่งเรืองก๋วยเตี๋ยวหมู(榮泰米粉)
Yumminess: 9.2/10
Where: Sukhumvit Rd, Khwaeng Khlong Tan, Khet Khlong Toei, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 258 6746
Lights on: Daily 830 – 1700 Hrs
How to reach there : Alight at nearest BTS Phrom Phong and take Exit 4


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