King of Yentafo Bangkok style (Bangkok)

Thailand’s Yentafo and we called it Yong tau foo in Singapore, has its own uniqueness in term of the way they serve it and the different ingredients they use compare to Singapore version. I visited Bangkok the 1st time like 15-17 years sago, and a 2nd trip 5-6 years later after my 1st visit I began to google around Bangkok’s delicious food. And the result I gather make me making Bangkok my annual trip after my 2nd visit, and I began to do few trips to Bangkok every year after I found out more mouthwatering food in Bangkok.

Those delicious food off the beaten track became my food hunting list every time I visit Bangkok, and this is one mouthwatering yentafo worth my time to write about them. I 1st ate their yentafo in 2015 and I had it again this year as I miss their unique dark pink sauce. They have been operating for more than 50 years, and I believe the explosion of social media to yummy food in Bangkok will make they even more busier. Those popular food stall in Bangkok China town is a lively example, long Q has being forming after their food has been feature in many food blog.

Bangkok version of yentafo is unique as they serve in soup which company with a dark pink sweet sour sauce in it, which came from fermented red tau fu and one should mix the sauce evenly into the soup and stir it well to add unique flavor to this food. A bowl of yentafo with soup comes with fried tau pok, pig blood cube, fish ball, slice fish cake, squid slice, deep fried shrimp ball, kangkong (Water spinach), pork ball and a huge piece of fried wanton and skin. All the different ingredients with the well mixed dark pink sauce in broth and complete with fish sauce, vinegar and their pepper create a very appetizing and flavorful yentafo.

For the taste of their ingredients, I would say their quality are there. Chewy tender pig blood cube, fluffy chewy fried tau pok, crunchy squid slice and kangkong, springy chewy fish ball, crispy fried wanton etc. They have master their signature food well with a history of more than 5o years in their yentafo skill. This is a bowl of heavenly concoction yentafo I always have them when ever I have spare empty stomach after I complete my food hunt in Bangkok.


Exterior of the shop
The shop front
The cooking place
Lovely springy meat balls
Look at the PIG BLOOD!!!!
A bowl of wonderland
The great assortment of ingredients with the intense red sauce

Name: Nai Ouan Yentafo
Yumminess: 9/10
Where: Bangkok, จังหวัด กรุงเทพมหานคร 10200, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 222 9701
Lights on: Daily from 0900 – 2100 hrs
How to reach there : They are located in between KhaoSan and China Town, Use Uber or Grab to reach there.


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