10 delicious food to eat in Ipoh, a little sleeping beauty in Perak Malaysia

Ipoh Malaysia, a capital city at the North of Malaysia and in the state of Perak.  This little city had made her way into Lonely planet’s place must travel in 2016, and her state of Perak also went into Lonely Planet must travel in 2017. I made my virgin trip back in July 2017 as Ipoh was where my wife to be came from, so I will be making more trips to Ipoh. And my food hunting list has expended into this little city slowly waking up and say hello to the world.

And here I present my humble 10 food to eat in Ipoh for your pleasant reading at your convenience. Thanks for dropping by my website and happy reading!

Seriously mouthwatering bean sprout chicken and authentic Ipoh Hor Fun (Ipoh)

Irresistible yummy deep fried Yong Tao Foo (Ipoh)

Creamy liquid smooth ice blended red bean drinks (Ipoh)

This Kopi shop has bombastic yummy breakfast (Ipoh)

Smooth Fried Kway Teow the comfort food (Ipoh)

Liquid smooth Chee Cheong Fun! Chee Cheong Fun “anywant”? (Ipoh)

Fullfilling yummy evening Zi Char home cook style (Ipoh)

Traditional food at Kampung Simee morning market. (Ipoh)

More traditional mouthwatering food in Kampung Simee morning market (Ipoh)

Silky smooth hot dessert in Kampung Simee morning market! (Ipoh)


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