YAHOO SINGAPORE’s choice of Satay bee hoon (SG)

Here is one satay bee hoon that able to maintain the consistency of yumminess even with 2nd generation taking helm. His son has definitely master his dad skill, although his dad and mum still appear at the stall but usually the son will do all the laborious work.

This humble food stall serves Teow Chew style satay bee hoon. The main ingredient of this comfort food is cuttlefish, cockles, kang Kong (water spinach), pork slice, pork liver slice, tau pok, been hoon and the satay gravy (peanut gravy) which is the soul of satay bee hoon. Each plate prepared by the owner is well cooked with generous amount of ingredients, and with over flowing of satay gravy. The satay gravy is more to a more chili oil side but it needs that to enhance their signature satay gravy which different from the others, as it is on the spicy side which and aromatic peanut with the tinge of spiciness will stay on your taste bud for sometime. The satay gravy is pretty gooey, smooth and mild creamy.

They had perfectly created a killer concoction of their unique satay gravy, which is sweet, spicy, smooth, savory, gooey and vivid on your taste bud. I bet most people who sample their satay gravy will fall in love with it, and did I mentioned they are the YAHOO’s choice of satay bee hoon? 🙂

Their satay bee hoon’s other main ingredient like the cuttlefish is perfectly store to keep it freshness, as it is springy, chewy, tender and crunchy on every bite. The cockles is also chewy and juicy with other ingredient like pork slice and pork liver slice is cooked to perfection with chewy and tender bite, and perhaps it is meat’s consistent thickness provided a more chewy and tender bite. And with their well cooked smooth and soft bee hoon (rice vermicelli). How could you resist a simple plate of well prepared mouthwatering mild spicy satay bee hoon with stall owner put their heart and  soul in it? Quickly take a MRT to Bugis Junction, walk to Albert Centre Mart and Center and get your share of a yummy satay bee hoon!


The Yahoo Singapore’s choice of satay bee hoon
Fresh cuttlefish on display
Their way of keeping ingredient fresh
Spicy satay gravy
A plate no shortcut and generous ingredient Satay Bee Hoon
Shiny texture of satay gravy
Chewy, tender and fresh ingredient

Name: Meng Hui Satay Bee Hoon
Yumminess: 9.5/10
Whereabouts: Blk 270, Queen Street, Albert Centre Market & Food Centre, S’180270
Lights on: Daily from 1130 to 1730 hrs, closed on Monday
How to reach there :Alight at Bugi MRT and talk a short walk there


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