Best best Tutu Kueh aka Putu Piring (SG)

Tutu kueh (in Hokkien) or Putu Piring (Malay version) is a very popular snack back in the 70’s and early 80’s (my childhood time), and it slowly lost it shine into late 80’s for reason unknown. This trend remain so even until today, and I still can remember a Tutu kueh push cart near my house at the now defunct New World Amusement Park ( I am always there for arcade game); is always busy non stop making yummy Tutu kueh for visitor to the park. I still eat Tutu kueh at the present day but is not easy to find them, and if you want it plain without filling. Chances are you wont get it because the grounded steam rice flour is more expensive than the filling, and traditionally the filling is either sugary grounded peanut or grated coconut cooked with Gula Melaka.

I 1st came across this food stall some 8-9 years ago and I got hooked after I tried their Putu Piring, so whenever I am around the area I will definitely buy a few of their Putu Piring regardless am I hungry or not. They serve only one type of Putu Piring which is the Gula Java filling and that is enough to get them busy making the Putu Piring non stop, because the queue just keep coming almost non stop at any time. Many people thought their Putu Piring filling is Gula Melaka but one of my Malay friend told me they actually used Gula Java, and the grated coconut they used was from Indonesia too. No wonder I always find their Gula was a little different from what I usually ate, as it has a mild vivid sweetness of a coconut. Upon some research and I found out Gula Java is a coconut blossom sugar found in Java, and the Java coconut blossom produce a savory sweet nectar with a hint of caramel unique sweet taste to Gula Java.

This hawker stall’s Putu Piring with Gula Java filling also serve with generous amount of grated coconut, and each Putu Piring is accompany with a little slice of Pandan leaf. And every time I open up a packet of Putu Piring, an aromatic strong fragrance of Pandan leaf just ooz into the air. The fluffy steamed rice flour of Putu Piring is also perfectly steamed without any noticeable hard portion, and the heavenly concoction of their perfectly steamed rice flour with savory Gula java, pair with some finest grated coconut and magical Pnadan leaf.  I dare say they serve one of the most delicious Putu Piring or Tutu Kueh in Singapore.

Queue is always present at any time of their business hour
All the staff in distinctive uniform white
Lovely Gula Java waiting to be transformed into gooey savory sugary filling
They only serve take away
Every packet comes with pandan leaves and grated coconut
Distinctive gooey savory Gula Java filling
Photo of lovely layer of gooey Gula java

Name: Putu Piring
Yumminess: 9.7/10
Where: 13 Haig Rd, Singapore 430013
Tel: 9688 3067
Lights on: Daily 1100 – 2200 hrs
How to reach there : Nearest MRT is Paya Lebar MRT


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