Drooling Bedok 85 duck rice/porridge (SG)

People said xxxxx duck rice is the best in West, xxxxx duck rice is the best in North and xxxxx duck rice is best in Centre. Then please allow me to say this duck rice is one of the best in East of Singapore.

This stall was recommended by my colleague and is run by a friendly husband and wife team, with husband doing all the chopping up and wife taking order, sometime her son will man the stall when father is not free. When I visited them for the 1st time near lunch time, I can see their full display of meat and but hesitated a little why near lunch time and those meat like not moving at all. And found out they open late on that day hence the full display of meat.

I ordered an assort plate of meat for 2 and I had porridge instead of plain rice. The porridge was above average as it is those type of porridge I like, which is towards more starchy with little runny type. Add on the gooey duck rice gravy, mix it up evenly and the porridge taste even better with a sweetness and a little salty on your taste bud. I really like the light gooey gravy as they are not too starchy nor too runny, and they are light brown with a pearly smooth liquid texture with a very appetizing taste. And their braised duck is their signature meat as the meat are braised evenly with a consistent tenderness through out, every single bite of the meat is always tender and chewy. With the spread over of light brown gooey gravy, the meat will taste even better as the chewing of meat with gravy is like massaging the gravy into the meat. Without the gravy, the duck still state as good as they are moist, tender and succulent. All I can say both duck meat and the light brown gooey gravy compliment each other utterly well.

Next their roasted pork, the meat was well roasted and very lightly charred as it has the distinct layering of fat and meat. I hardly can taste the charred part but I am fine without the super distinctive charred taste of a roasted pork. The roasted pork is meaty and tender, and the fat has the jelly bite on it. And taking the duck meat and roasted pork with the gooey gravy mixed porridge, that is really a heartland comfort food for all.

Look at the amount of duck at display you will know they are yummy
Roasted pork, braised duck, tau pok and smooth porridge
A plate of well prepared meat and well coated with home made sweet gravy
The shiny glossy home made sweet gravy with meat plate

Name: Soon Mong Duck Rice and Porridge 
Yumminess: 8/10
Where: 85 Bedok North Street 4. Singapore 460085
Lights on: Dialy 1030-1900 hrs, closed – depend.
How to reach there : Bedok MRT is the nearest MRT, take exit B and go to Bedok Bus Interchange to take feeder bus 222 and alight right in front of food centre.


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