Swee Kee arh Swee Kee why you so savory! (SG)

(Updated 13-01-2018) The case of raw fish incident in Singapore in 2017 had force them to closed the business for good.

This food stall was recommended by my family doctor and he always eat them before he head to his clinic whenever he can. And I was told they sold out pretty early so I went there early just in case I will miss the boat. When I reached there about 9am in the morning, they are perhaps the only food stall with at least 7-10 person in the queue. Upon inching up to the front of the stall for my order, my sense of smell detected a lingering aromatic in the air and it attacked my brain. And my brain tells my mouth to standby a savory meal coming soon, while I watching them preparing my share of wonder comfort food. The staff prepare the fish slices on plate and mixed them with sesame oil and some pepper, he will then spread the tiny slab of sliced fish on the plate with generous amount of cut lettuce; top with sliced ginger and fried garlic and the raw fish is ready to get into you stomach.

I ordered my share of raw fish on plate and a bowl of plain porridge with egg in it. Taking my tray of order to table is such a joy as the aromatic raw fish fragrance keeps attacking my sense of smell, and I just cant wait to whack them all in one go. Too bad I do not have a big wide mouth so I have to take it slowly to devour them bit by bit, and make sure not to choke myself.

The thin slab of raw fish is well sliced and it is very savory with the freshness of fish meat exploded in your mouth, chewy, fresh, mild peppery, fried garlic aroma all mixed up to give you a good kick to start your fresh! The piping hot porridge is smooth and easy to sallow, mix the egg and soy sauce into the porridge and it makes the porridge even more delicious.

This food stall is located at Alexandra Village Food Centre, which is a stone throw away from Ikea and Alexandra Hospital, and she opens only few hours in the morning and it usually sold out by 10am in the morning; so you need to be early if you want to eat it.

The only long queue you see in the morning is Swee Kee Porridge
Seasoning in progress
Preparing of a plate of mouth watering raw fish
A comfort food for the breakfast hunter
Mild peppery raw fish
Shiny glossy porcelain texture

Name: Swee Kee porridge
Yumminess: 9.5/10
Where: 120A Bukit Merah Lane 1, Singapore 151120
Lights on: Daily 0730-1030hrs or sold out. Closed on Monday
How to reach there : Nearest MRT is either Red Hill or Queenstown about 1.8km, o rbus or uber/grab/taxi.


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