Savory dark, thick prawn paste chinese Rojak (SG)

Almost every Chinese in Singapore loves Chinese rojak, and this humble food usually added on to main meal as a side dish during any lunch and dinner time or even supper. This Ah Wah Rojak has been running for at least 30 years, and has garner her own loyal customer in Bedok which located in the East of Singapore and not far from Singapore beloved East Coast Park. They dont have the long long queue you hate to see, when you want to devour those popular food. But prepare to wait for at least 15 mins during evening dinner time and as they always have a sizable queue, with everyone waiting patiently for their order to be made.

Run by a couple, the husband take care of Rojak order while the wife take charge of grilled fried dough fritter, Tau Kwa Pok or such. So what is Chinese Rojak? A traditional Singapore Chinese Rojak is typically consists of youtiao (cut fried dough fritter), fried tau pok, pineapple, cucumber, bengkoang (jicama)(trunip), bean sprout and vegetable, All goes into a pot, add prawn paste, sugar and mix them all up. Finally sprinkle roasted peanut and a savory Chinese Rojak is ready to serve. However, vegetable is hardly being used as an ingredient for present day version Chinese Rojak. And some added apple slice and green mango slice to cater to forever demanding customer.

So what makes this little a stall stands out from the rest and among some of the best in Singapore? 1st the prawn paste they used  is a very thick and darker version compare to most, and it has a very strong aroma taste lingering in your mouth mixed with the roasted peanut aroma which packed a lethal punch to your taste bud. Other ingredient is also crunchy and especially so their pineapple, as it has a mild sweetness by itself and is juicy compare to others of dry, hard and young pineapple used. Every mouthful of their Chinese Rojak in your mouth is always wave after wave of dancing of joy in your mouth. And their dark sticky prawn paste doesn’t turn watery quickly and it remain savory and sticky for a good time.

Their other signature food is the grilled youtiao and tau kwa pok, tau kwa pok is fried bean curd and slice to form a pocket and stuffed with strips of cut cucumber, and some soft bean sprout. When you order from they, you can request them to grill both to a more crispy bite and crispiness is a must when you devouring this food. Their sweet dipping sauce is really unique compare to others. It has the right mixture of sweetness and spiciness in its, with the topping of roasted peanut. Every bite you take with the dipping sauce will ensure a explosion of savory in your mouth, the crispiness of youtiao, the crunchiness of tau kwa pok with refreshing cucumber and bean sprout, the cracking roasted peanut. Their homemade dipping sauce is a sure killer to go with.

Going to Bedok area? remember to eat their Chinese Rojak. cheers!


Block Bedok South Road Food Centre and Wet Market
The Ah Wah Rojak
The husband and wife team
Thick prawn paste and generous ppeanut
Heavily peanut coated Chinese rojak
Simple and yet mouthwatering grilled dough
Concoction of crispy fried dough, peanut and homemade black sauce
Crispy crunchy Tao kwa pau
Simply irresistible chili dipping sweet and spicy dipping sauce

Name: Ah Wah Rojak
Yumminess: 8.5/10
Where: 16 Bedok South Road Singapore 460016
Lights on: Daily 1130-1400, 1800-2300hrs, closed-depend.
How to reach there : Nearest MRT is Bedok MRT, take exit A and follow google map.


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