Light and utterly refreshing No Name Cheng Tng!!! (SG)

Cheng Tng is a clear soup dessert love by almost everyone in Singapore, and it can have in hot or ice cold version depend on the weather. Hot for raining day and ice cold for the hot humid summer in Singapore. And the ingredients of Cheng Tng is vastly varied from stall to stall, and I specifically so miss the Cheng Tng from the now defunct Margret Drive food centre. They moved to else where which I have no idea where they moved to, so I have to hunt for other Cheng Tng to quench my thirst of this lovely and yet vastly “complicated” dessert.

I came across this humble little stall located in a middle of a coffee shop front under an HDB (public housing in Singapore) flat back in 2011, and they moved inward to a small stall on a later year. The little stall has no name, wait… the stall name is actually called No Name Cheng Tng, I asked the lady owner why called no name and she cited is easy to remember and need not crack their mind for a name. This Cheng Tng stall is run by a husband and wife team, most of the time either they are serving the customer with bowl after bowl of delicious Cheng Tng; they are busy to prepare more ingredient for their loyal customer. And not to mentioned they are very friendly, as I once forgot to bring money and they let me pay them back when I patronize them again.

I would say their version of Cheng Tng has it own fan base and I am one of them… after I lost the trace of my favorite Cheng Tng from the defunct Margret Drive Food Centre. Every time when I order economy rice (rice with mixed dishes), I will order a bowl of cold Cheng Tng to quench my thirst. The bowl of Cheng Tng is really cooling and refreshing, and it has the sweetness but not overly sweet which I like it very much. The ingredients is really crunchy and chewy and jelly like, and the ingredient are gingko nuts, shredded white fungus, dried persimmon, longan, sweet potato etc. I have to mention their dried persimmon as it has a wonderful crunchy bite and a very additive chewing bite, and their sweet potato is just heavenly superb as they are well cooked to retain it crunchiness and not overly soft.

It is a bowl of rich and savory cold dessert you should eat it if you visit Bedok South area.

This coffee shop hide a hidden gem of No Name
No Name Cheng Tng is on the right
Humble little yummy Cheng Tng stall
The amount of “healthy” ginkgo nut is the sign of a good bowl of Cheng Tng
Each bowl of Cheng Tng make with heart of dedication
Bowl of great ingredients
The lovely texture of crunchy ingredients
Lovely chewy ginkgo nut that you can ask for extra order

Name: No Name Cheng Tng
Yumminess: 9/10
Where: Block 69 Bedok South Ave 3 (inside coffee shop just at the carpark entrance)
Lights on: Daily 12-2100hrs, closed – depend
How to reach there : Nearest MRT is Tanah Merah mrt  and take exit A and walk South about 1km.


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