Utterly delicious Fried Hokkien noodle since 1973 (SG)

I love fried Hokkien noodle and I have been eating them since little boy from late 70’s. Every time I come across such stall at any food centre or coffee shop, I will always want to find out are they yummy and comparable to my favorite fried Hokkien noodle. And I would say is not easy to find great tasty Hokkien noodle these day, this is because I like the dry version and not a lot of stall fried the dry version as mostly either in moist version of wet version.

To fried a good plate of mouth watering Hokkien noodle is not easy, 1st the stock must be well prepare as the chef will constantly add the stock to huge wok of noodle in between a typical frying time of 12-15 mins; to get the noodle to a perfectly cooked with wok hei (essence of wok) blended into the noodle. The chef will also cover the wok of noodle with a wooded cover after adding in stock, let it simmer about 2 mins inside the 12-15 mins frying time of a water mouthing fried Hokkien noodle. This is to let the noodle absorb the essence of stock and also the wok hei (best result achieved with charcoal fire) and after 12-15 mins of frying, the chef is ready to serve up to about 15 plates of tasty and savory fried Hokkien noodle.

I discovered this fried Hokkien noodle stall back in 1999, saw a long queue for this stall and it prompted me to try them and it became one of my must eat whenever I am back in Bedok (East of Singapore and I lived there from 1999-2005). The chef fried his Hokkien noodle in a constant manner and there is no short to his plate of wonderland Fried Hokkien noodle. He also sell prawn noodle during day time and I can see him stay back after 2pm to make his own signature chili sauce.

Most of time when I order, I will usually request to serve me the last serving from the bottom of the wokful of Hokkien noodle; because the last bit is the essence and it has the light moist and the dryness I liked. And that is where the most wok hei part too, since it is simmer at the bottom of the wok for a good 5 mins. Every mouthful of his Hokkien noodle with chili is packed with wok hei, great chewiness of noodle which doesn’t stick to your teeth, and the lingering of the aromatic Hokkien noodle essence is there to stay in you mouth for at least few mins. The prawn, sotong (Squid) and sliced pork may not be at it freshness but the meat is tender and chewy as compare others who cant make it.

Lastly his chili sauce, they are homemade and he won’t charge you extra even when you ask for extra extra chili, and his chili is not the super spicy type but the ingredient his added into his wokful of homemade chili sauce is good enough to kick you in your butt if you are not a chili person. You can even have more lime if you want to for your plate of mouth watering fried Hokkien noodle, he is also very generous in pork lard but please watch your cholesterol level as he can really give you a lot of pork lard when you request it.

All the above make up a richly savory fried Hokkien noodle of Niu Ji, and he is no doubt my personal top 10 list of fried Hookien noodle. Cheers.


Exterior of block 16 Bedok South Food Centre
The Bedok South Niu Ji Prawn Noodle since 1973
Chef at work (Photo was taken few year ago before food centre renovation)
The sinful plate of delicious fried Hokkien noodle
Look at the devil-licious pork lard
Wait for it to simmer a little before tuck in if you are dry version lover

Name: Bedok South Niu Ji Prawn Noodle
Yumminess: 9/10
Where: 16 Bedok South Road Singapore 460016
Lights on: Daily 1800-2300hrs, closed-depend.
How to reach there : Nearest MRT is Bedok MRT, take exit A and follow google map.


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