Seriously mouthwatering bean sprout chicken and authentic Ipoh Hor Fun (Ipoh)

When I travel for food, I carry out extensive research online on mouth-watering food from various sources. Verifying the popularity and some review before I get there to sample the food, but I do admit about 15% of my food hunt cant make it to my eat list.

For this dish in Ipoh, there are 2 well know restaurants serving the same food and if not of my wonderful local host. I won’t know which restaurant to go to. And this restaurant serves the best bean sprout chicken according to my lovely local host. She told me visitor and tourist come to Ipoh will usually go for Lou Wong bean sprout chicken, but she highlighted Onn Kee bean sprout chicken is more establish compare to her rival.

We went there for lunch to avoid the dinner crowd and was served in quick timing, and order their signature bean sprout chicken (Tauge Ayam in Malay), big fat bean sprout, Ipoh hor fun (flat rice noodle) which is Ipoh crown jewel and some meat ball soup.

It is understood they use mostly beard chicken which bigger in size and the meat is more tender, and I wasn’t disappointed with what I saw on my dining table. The poached chicken was well chopped into pieces, skin was thin and no visible of fat between the meat and chicken (Most poached chicken serve in Singapore have fat attached to skin and most of us avoid for health reason), I dipped a piece of the chicken meat into the sesame soy sauce and aromatic fragrance of sesame soy sauce oil just filled my mouth as I chew on the tender chicken meat. It is not tough like those free range kumpong (Village in Malay) chicken or softly shred type chicken meat in Singapore which is farm feed, and it is well cooked thoroughly. The chicken skin is pretty jelly like and chewy smooth.

Now comes the fatty white bean sprout and I found out they are grown from the magical limestone mountain water which produce a lovely texture, smooth, crunchiness and well “nutrition” bean sprout. It is even more deliciously crunchy when you go with the spicy chilli sauce, and you will keep on chewing to enjoy the crunchiness and explosion of aroma in your mouth.

Lastly the legendary Ipoh hof fun. I have heard so much how tasty this hor fun is, and I just can’t wait to sample the bowl of un-attractive Ipoh hor fun and mine I was blown to Mars. This is undisputed the most tasty, most silky liquid smooth hor fun I had eaten in my life; it is utterly slurpy porcelain smooth. Whoever so claim best Ipoh hor fun in Singapore will have to step aside now. This the real McCoy of Ipoh hor fun which you must eat in Ipoh and nowhere else, and this should thanks to the limestone mountain mineral water they use. Truly an Ipoh crown jewel.

And before you leave the restaurant, try drink their homemade Calamansi sour plum drink 桔子酸梅汁. I am a sucker for this drink and I can tell you they are smooth and additive, and why so?… the magical limestone mountain mineral filled water again? 🙂

The best according to my local host
The real McCoy of bean sprout chicken is this


Nicely well cooked chicken on display
Lovely and well chopped poached chicken
Lovely texture and wonderland tender chicken meat
wonder pairing and only in Ipoh
Cooked perfectly with well presented big fat bean sprout
Heavenly concoction of sesame light soya sauce and oil, bean sprout and green garnish (spring onions)
Dipping spicy chili sauce
This is one crazily utter silk smooth Ipoh Hor Fun
Look at the shiny texture of Ipoh Hor Fun
Calamansi sour plum drink 桔子酸梅汁
Perfection of and great drink with balance of sour
Lovely and glossy light soya sauce and oil
Paper thin chicken skin
They only serve this type of chicken which called beard chicken
Well built beard chicken with signature, healthy and handsome beard

Name:安记芽菜鸡沙河粉 Onn Kee Restaurant
Yumminess: 9.5/10
Where: 49, Jalan Yau Tet Shin Taman Jubilee 30000, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, Taman Jubilee, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel:+60 19-564 6161
Lights on: Daily 1000 – 0000 hrs
How to reach there: Use Uber or Grab from your hotel if you are not local. 😛


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