Irresistible yummy deep fried Yong Tao Foo (Ipoh)

There is so much writing about this famous yong tau foo in Ipoh and no doubt they are on my Ipoh food hunting list, and before I even open my mouth and ask my host to bring me there. I realized I was there at lunch time on my 2nd day of Ipoh food hunting. And the place is really buzzing busy with mountain of order all over the table, before I pick up the thong to select my choice of deep fried stuff; my host pointed me to another stall next door and she told me that is the original stall at big tree foot.

So I realized I was actually at the newly open food court which house another “famous” yong tau foo stall. As I have no idea who is the best so I just followed my host to next door where the original big tree foot yong tau foo is. On the appearance, the original stall is not as busy as compare to stall at the newly open food court just next door. After we sat down and my host began to reveal the story of this 2 famous yong tau foo stall.

Apparently donkey years ago in 1975, a food court was set up under few huge trees at the heartland of Pasir PinJi Ipoh. And the place became a hot favorite for the local to interact with each other, and hence the deep fried stuff hawker stall began their history from there. And I was told the next door food court was set up in recent year to counter the popularity of the original big tree foot food court.

So back to this deep fried stuff food stall, they have a vast selection of all kind of stuff so do take your time and rush into it and anyhow pick. Most of the deep fried stuff has homemade fish paste filling, and I love those deep fried thingy. And I specially love the Ipohian favourite deep fried stuff called Sar Kok Liew (or I simply called it diced yambean fritter), and it is crispy crunchy chewy to the max! No wonder Ipoian love it so much.

The simply loving bowl of deep fried goodies is really very mouth-wateringly crunchy chewy and others come dip into refreshing mild peppery clear broth, and they are tofu, bouncy mixed fish ball paste and fish ball. Tofu is a must eat item as they are creamy soft on the inside with a layer of lightly fried crispy skin on the outside, and I am addicted to their chewy mixed fish ball paste (later found out it was made with mixture of pork and wolf-herring fish). Both fish ball and mixed fish ball paste is bouncy springy with tender chewy bite. Whereas my bowl of bee hoon in clear laksa (virgin on this kind of clear laska) is pretty normal but I do like the mint leave lingering taste in my mouth, and I have to admit the super crunchy cracking big fat porcelain white bean sprout is the best I had eat so far. Don’t forget to dip your deep fried stuff into the home made spicy hot dipping chili sauce, and sorry they do not have sweet sauce like Singapore version’s of yong tau foo does.

This original deep fried stuff stall since 1975 in Ipoh is a must eat you when go visit Ipoh. N~E~X~T!

The original big tree foot (大树头美食轩)
This is the original deep fried stall as told
Compare to the other stall they are not as busy but food taste was great
Selection of deep fried stuff
The price list
Simple, no frill but irresistibly tasty
The bean sprout is really big fat and white
Refreshing smooth clear broth
Deep fried to perfection ingredients
Mint leave added taste
Lovely chewy homemade fish paste filling
Simply spicy hot chili


Name:Big Tree Foot (大树脚炸料粉) [Original stall with 40 + years history)
Yumminess: 8/10
Where: 652, Jalan King, Taman Hoover, 31650 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Lights on: Daily 0830 – 1730 hrs


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