Liquid smooth Chee Cheong Fun! Chee Cheong Fun “anywant”? (Ipoh)

I love Chee Cheong Fun (In Cantonese) and they are my regular breakfast on my childhood day. Chee cheong fun literally mean pig intestine rice noodle in Cantonese, It gets the name because it looks like pig intestine when roll up from flat paper thin sheet of translucent rice flour sheet; and come in a typical length of 30cm without filling. Chop into pieces and top with some sesame seed, sweet sauce, soy sauce and chili, and ready to serve as a typical breakfast across Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

This little stall that serve freshly homemade chee cheong fun is located at the same coffee shop, where you can find the delicious fried Hokkien noodle or 大碌面 LINK HERE. I observed the stall has a steady stream of order and so I quickly order a plate of chee cheong fun from him too before is too late. While I took the video of him in action, he was obsessively busy making his signature tissue soft chee cheong fun and never bothers by me taking his video.

My plate of chee cheong fun is the plain version with no filling in it, so I can sample how good a plain chee cheong fun is. The plate came to my table with lightly sweet soy sauce and some sesame seed sprinkle on top with the aroma filled the air at my table, and complete with a homemade chilli sauce by the side. What caught my attention was the chilli sauce as it has a lot of ingredient in it from the look, and so I quickly dip some chee cheong fun into the chilli sauce and next into my mouth. WOW! This homemade chilli sauce is spicy and sour with pinch of sweetness in it. I was so wanted to know the ingredient he used for the homemade chilli sauce, but drop the idea after seeing him working nonstop rolling his tissue paper thin rice sheet into chee cheong fun. I will come back next time to find out the chilli sauce ingredient. 🙂

Well, the plain chee cheong fun is really silky smooth and fluffy liquid soft, and with the aromatically fragrance sesame seed and mild sweet soy sauce running riot in my mouth. I just stop chewing and let the dance of yumminess carry on in my mouth. What a happy ending for my breakfast… … And to conclude my lovely breakfast in Ipoh, a glass of hot barley water drink had surprised me! It is thick and concentrates with very mild sweetness from the barley (I ordered the drink without sugar), and I can taste the greatness of barley. Singapore’s version is heavily sugar added and is diluted. This glass of barley water drink is the bomb man! So when come to this coffee shop for breakfast… don’t forget to order the hot barley water drinks too.

Kafe South Point
Even Indian loves his chee cheong fun
Pick your choice of chee cheong fun
Mild sweet soy with aromatic sesame seed with plan rice roll aka chee cheong fun
Can you pick up how many ingredient make up this homemade bomb chili?
Look at the “thickness” of this hot barley water drink
With the price you knew they never short change this humble barley water drink.

Name: Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun
Yumminess: 9/10
Where: Lebuh Taman Ipoh, Taman Ipoh Selatan, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Lights on: Daily 0700 – 1500 hrs


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