Smooth Fried Kway Teow the comfort food (Ipoh)

I had ensured a very empty stomach when I woke up in Ipoh to whack my way to Ipoh mouth-watering food, and I had my 1st trumpet at the fried fat yellow noodle (大碌面). Since I still have room left in my tummy and so my host asked me to go for the dry fried kway teow for round 2, from the same stall who whipped up satisfying fried yellow noodle.

It is still another plate of simple heartland comfort food with no elaborate presentation on it, but a heart and soul effort from the chef to serve up delicious food to the residents in the area.

His fried kway teow is in dry version. Presentation nothing outstanding but what really stands out, is the big fat bean sprout in white white super white texture.

A mouthful of kway teow with bean sprout went into my mouth and it released the fragrance and crunchiness of the bean sprout and springy chewy softness of the kway teow. They compliment each other so well it brings out the best of each other, with the heavy wok hei (essence of wok). It is another plate of wonder from the chef. I loving it too beside the freid fat yellow noodle or 大碌面 (LINK HERE) whiped by by him.

Kafe south point (South point coffee shop) stuck in the 70’2
The little hidden “dragon”.
The nostalgic 70’s feel kafe south point
Different types of noodle that he is serving
Chef cum owner frying up yummy noodle



Name: Chian Kee Mee Goreng
Yumminess: 9/10
Where: Lebuh Taman Ipoh, Taman Ipoh Selatan, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Lights on: Daily 0700 – 1500 hrs


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