This Kopi shop has bombastic yummy breakfast (Ipoh)

Every day when the sun rise, everyone will wake up with a hungry tummy and need to eat like a king to start the day a fresh. And I am very glad my host brought me to a very old school coffee shop (A place that sells hot/cold drinks and other foods) to immerse into the local morning life style.

This coffee shop is really old school and still has the atmosphere of the nostalgic 70’s lingering in the air, and the time is like slowing down here when I enter to coffee shop to get an empty table for us.  A very typical set up of an old school coffee shop having all cooked food stall along the parameter and facing outside, and all cooking is done before the eye of every hungry customer while the drink stall anchoring inside the coffee shop.

My host recommended me the fried fat yellow noodle which Ipohian called it 大碌面 (Cantonese : Tai Lok Mean), Ipohian called the noodle big fat noodle  大碌面 while in KL people called it Hokkien noodle? Sometime you will find same type of noodle serve at different place but called it different name, pretty much this was due to different culture/language being used.

For this noodle, I noticed the colour on this version of fat yellow noodle is different from what I saw in KL and Singapore. Ipoh’s version has a much pastel yellow compare to KL’s and Singapore’s deep yellow version. Well, it is just the way they produce it in Ipoh and I guess that could be due to the water they used in the making of this fat yellow noodle.

A plate of fried fat yellow noodle (大碌面) consists of noodle with black sauce, pork, prawn, vegetable and pork lard. As I read so much about Ipoh crystal silky smooth Hor Fun (flat rice noodle), I was wondering how this noodle will fair and taste like? From the eye catching watery texture of the noodle. I have only one word if I can write this 3 letters word in 1 single full page; and that is WOW!!! I have eaten such a good noodle before in my life! The noodle in black sauce is full of flavour with mild wok hei (essence of wok taste in Cantonese), and the bite is silky smooth and tenderly springy! Black sauce has the captivating fragrance too. The rest of the ingredient is pretty much a complimentary to this plate of fat yellow noodle and it complete a heartland style wonderland comfort food. MUST EAT!

Kafe south point (South point coffee shop) stuck in the 70’2
The little hidden “dragon”.
The nostalgic 70’s feel kafe south point
Different types of noodle that he is serving
Chef cum owner frying up yummy noodle
On the menu of what is he serving
Ipohian version 大碌面 (Hookien noodle) or in KL called Hokkien noodle
Creamy smooth black sauce gravy

Name: Chian Kee Mee Goreng
Yumminess: 9/10
Where: Lebuh Taman Ipoh, Taman Ipoh Selatan, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Lights on: Daily 0700 – 1500 hrs


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