Fullfilling yummy evening Zi Char home cook style (Ipoh)

When I am oversea around South East Asia, I always wanted to try their local “home cooked” style dinner. So a hunt for a Tze Char (literally means “cook” and “Fry” in Hokkien) stall/restaurant is a must. Thanks to my kind and friendly host in Ipoh and I got to sample Ipohian’s style Tze Char.

Located only about 150m away from Kumpang Simee morning market, this little restaurant truly serve up a decent variety of dishes cater to the resident around the area. We ordered only 4 dishes and they are black pepper sliced fish, spicy lala (clam), salted egg bitter gourd and white cabbage to go with rice.

The only dish I left out of this post was the white cabbage which is pretty normal like what most Tze Char stall will serve. And I especially like the salted egg bitter gourd which I actually not a fan of bitter gourd at all, but this salted egg bitter gourd really blown my mind away. The salted egg was well coated and spread evenly on each thin slice of bitter gourd, every bite I took was a chain of happiness appears on my face. It has the perfect saltiness with crispy crunchy bite on the sliced bitter gourd, and the salted egg paste even helps to elevate the unique taste of bitter gourd.

The sambal lala (A type of clam) has the typical spiciness of a sambal should be and the lala is surprisingly fresh with juicy chewy tender jelly like meat, when I bite on it the juice just exploded in my mouth. Not only the meat is fresh but it has the freshness of baby meat bite. I was very tempting to order 2nd plate but need to behave myself in front of my kind host. 😛

The steamy hot black pepper slice fish was fresh, delicious with peppery fragrance attacking my sense of smell when arrived to the table. And the glassy shiny texture on this dish is just so enticing and it convincingly display the freshness of the fish, while the black peppery sauce blended well with the fish slice and doesn’t over power the fish. When I took a slice into my mouth, the kick of black pepper attack my taste nonstop and when I chew on the meat; the fish skin was so tenderly springy and the meat was smooth like biting on “fresh’ silk.

My 1st evening in Ipoh was yummli-cious and satisfied!

Simple set up of a heartland restaurant
Lala was half gone when I took this photo
Shiny glossy texture on black pepper fish slice
Tender chewy skin with tender fresh fish meat
No presentation of sambal lala but the taste will arrest you
springy chewy fresh lala
This is one utterly mouthwatering salted egg bitter gourd slice
captivating golden coating of salted egg on sliced bitter gourd

Name: Restoran Makanan Laut Sungai Wang
Yumminess: 7.5/10
Where: 158, Jalan Pasar, Kampung Simee, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel: +60 16-555 4511
Lights on: Daily 1800 – 2300 hrs


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