Silky smooth hot dessert in Kampung Simee morning market! (Ipoh)

To complete my breakfast in Kampung Simee morning market, I looked for some dessert to close my morning chapter and I saw a make shift serving table with 3 huge pot of I have not idea what was in it. I walk up and asked the owner and understood he was selling hot red bean soup, ginkgo but barley and soy bean drink. I order a hot ginkgo nut barley dessert without thinking twice as I grown up with the best home made ginkgo nut barley (白果薏米) with bean curd skin from my mum, and I am pretty sure his bowl of hot dessert should taste well above average.

Ipohian’s version of ginkgo nut barley is different from what we usually have back in Singapore. Singapore version is made of barley, barley water, ginkgo nut and bean curd skin, while Ipoh’s version made with barley, ginkgo nut and soy bean drink and I would say Ipoh’s version is comparable to Singapore’s version with it own wonder concoction. Beside my mum’s perfect version, I hardly can find any really good ginkgo nut barley dessert in Singapore till I was in Ipoh. The presentation is nothing to shout about as it was just a bowl filled with soy bean drink with all the wonder in it. But when I scoop up a spoonful of ginkgo nut and barley and i was stunt by the texture! Both ginkgo nut and barley has the most wonderful pearly shiny glass coating kind of texture on it taht i have ever come across! The ginkgo is so perfectly cooked that it has the most appealing yellow on it, and the barley look utter enticing with the glass look. I no need to go too much into the detail of how this bowl of hot dessert taste like. COME TO IPOH KAMPUNG SIMEE MORNING MARKET TO EXPERIENCE YOURSELF for the utter wonderful hot dessert!

Outside of Kampung Simee market slowly bursting into live

Interior of Kampung Simee morning market cooked food section
Make shift stall table with mouthwatering dessert
Pick your choice out of 3 types of hot dessert
Their Ginkgo Nuts Barley with soy milk(白果薏米)
Lovely shiny glass texture of ginkgo nut barley (白果薏米)

Yumminess: 9/10
Where: Kampung Simee, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Lights on: Daily 0600 – 1200 hrs


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