More traditional mouthwatering food in Kampung Simee morning market (Ipoh)

Here is part 2 of food hunt in Kampung Simee morning market  in Ipoh on day 1. I explored the morning market further and slowly venture into their food stall section, realized most of those food hawker does not have low wall between each food stall (good for bonding) and can set up any stall within a huge open space. I came across a busy chee cheong fun (steamed rice roll) stall preparing their serving to hungry souls, and as I snapping away some photos of their action; a lady from the stall began to chat up with me and asked do I like to have a plate for breakfast? So I asked her what was put onto the chee cheong fun and roll it up and she pointed to a pot of shredded turnip, never know a simple Chee Cheong Fun can eat it in so many way.

I order a plate of this chee cheong fun without hesitation and waited for it to reach my table for me to sink my teeth into this simple and unique concoction of chee cheong fun. The friendly lady asked me is there anything to add on it and I just told her to add everything in it, and seated patiently to anticipate the plate of mouthwatering chee cheong fun concoction to arrive. WOW! what arrived at my table was out of my expectation as there are more side dishes on a  plate of turnip chee cheong fun. Beside the turnip chee cheong fun with maroon sweet sauce, there are Chinese long bean, white cabbage, fried bean curd skin, green cut chili and curry, top with fried garlic and roasted sesame seed and you will have a sinful breakfast to fill up your morning empty tummy to start your day. It was an interesting concoction breakfast and Ipohian surely have master this unique concoction chee cheong fun and make it better.

I started to tuck in and the aromatic shredded turnip in the chee cheong fun just oozed out as i chew on it. It was crunchy and mild sweet on the shredded turnip with silky smooth chew on the chee cheong fun. I mixed it all up and took another mouthful of it and every delicious concoction just started to make my eye roll. The crispiness on the fried bean curd skin, crunchiness of long bean, white cabbage, green cut chili and couple with mild spicy curry; all these just elevated the yumminess and it was really pleasant and not over kill with this unique chee cheong fun. Yummy!

Area surrounding Kampung Simee morning market getting pumped up from 6am
All lighted up at Kampung Simee morning market
This is their food section in Kampung Simee morning market
Lovely enticing home made fresh turnip
Wonderland Ipoh style Chee Cheong Fun concotion
Sinfully traditional Ipoh breakfast of Chee Cheong Fun concotion
Add deep fried bean curd skin for the elevated taste

Yumminess: 8/10
Where: Kampung Simee, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Lights on: Daily 0600 – 1200 hrs


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