Traditional food at Kampung Simee morning market. (Ipoh)

I went to Ipoh for the 1st time in mid 2017 and was surprised to witnessed this place was so charmingly old school which reminded me of Singapore’s morning market back in the late 70’s, Kampung (means village in Malay) Simee morning market is really a place stuck in the 70’s and doesn’t really move with time. It retained the old charming of how a heartland market should be like and the warmness of people in the market will make you really feel like home. As the day get brighter, you will begin to see street hawker started to stream in from all direction and claim their spot to market their products and wares.

Sinces I came to Ipoh for food hunt, I double up my food step from a tired 8 hours coach ride and zero into what Ipoh-ian usually have for their breakfast. My companion recommended my 1st catch and it was the famous tart in Ipoh… the crispy creamy EGG TART. The moist texture and eye catching look of the egg tart really arrested my attention, and the bright rich yellow egg custard with perfectly baked crumbling crispy crust is so enticing. I just can’t wait to sink my teeth in to have my 1st blood for Ipoh food hunt. Holding up an egg tart and I can instantly feel the weight and much effect they put into an simple egg tart, and I am sure any Ipoh-ian will be proud of their egg tart.

I quickly sank my teeth onto the egg tart and 1st thing hit me was the layering of crumbling crispy crust began to break down layer by layer in my mouth, and that followed with the wobbly creamy smooth rich egg custard within bursting up to fill up the rest of the space in my mouth and that began to stimulate my brain. And that was perfect for a morning wake up call since I arrived Ipoh 6am in the morning, after my long 8 hours overnight coach from Singapore and still in lalaland mode. As my companion continued to introduce me other breakfast they usually have, my eye was stuck on a curry puff like pastry which is called Kaya Kok. Well that basically called Kaya puff and it was interesting to know Ipoh-ian prefer their Kaya kok over Kaya spread on bread. The Kaya filling is the brown type which I preferred as that was what I grown with when I was little. The brown Kaya spread on bread with soft boiled egg back in Singapore, each bite I had on this kaya Kok just kept bringing back my childhood memories. Truly a traditional old school comfort food you should start with when you visit Ipoh.

630am and residents and stall hawker started to stream in
Facade of old school morning market. Kampung Simee
Interior view of Kg Simee market at around 7am
Daily living hood of heartland at Kg Simee
Tau Sar piah
Lovely Kaya Kok on the left and creamy egg tart on the right
layering of crust and creamy fluffy egg tart waiting for die-hard fan
Yummy kaya kok wrap with crispy crust

Yumminess: 9/10
Where: Kampung Simee, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Lights on: Daily 0600 – 1200 hrs


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