Best best breakfast in town! (Singapore)

If you work in Shenton way and is near Tanjong Pagar area, here is one breakfast you should eat or packet back to your office to eat before you start the day. I ate it for the 1st time back in early 2000’s when I was working around Tanjong Pagar area, and I got hooked on his noodle and keep going there for breakfast before I start my work.

Run by a lovely devoted Christian couple and they take pride in what they are selling and serving to all the hungry soul out there, and they always have the cheerful smile whenever any customer chatting with them while waiting for their order. And in recent year they begin to slow down and closed on Sat which they usually open, and lately learnt that they decided to open every alternate Sat to satisfy those hungry soul; who can only patronize this lovely humble yummy little stall’s food during weekend only.

What they are serving is really very heartland and is almost every Singaporean need to have kind of breakfast, and they are yum cake, Chee Cheong Fun (rice noodle roll), yellow noodle and bee hoon with side order like cabbage, sunny side up egg, luncheon meat etc. They don’t need tons of side order like other usual breakfast stall as their few selection is good enough to keep them busy serving the customer. And I would dare said they have one of the best noodle and bee hoon with side order in town area.

Their yellow noodle with black sauce is really something to shout about, they are fried to perfection and is wet version compare to others dry version. Their yellow noodle in black sauce is not only fried to perfection but they have those enticing moistly wet texture, which makes every hungry soul can’t wait to devour the noodle. The noodle is moist, chewy tender and firm on the outside but tender within; and not to forget the bee hoon also have the moist texture compare with others. My plate of mouthwatering breakfast is always with a mixture of both yellow noodle in black sauce with bee hoon, and go with the killer pairing of sunny side egg and luncheon meat. Plus the sinful sweet sauce and chili sauce by the side.

While other breakfast stall cooked their side order in bulk in fast pace which sometime over cooked. This couple ensure their side order is not overly cook especially so the luncheon meat and sunny side egg. Their luncheon is one of those I will always order as it is thick (other stall is pretty thin slice), solid firm on the outside and tenderly hot inside. And their sunny side egg? it is always creamy fluffy white with ready to erupt kind of lava yolk. And it is really a joy to use a chop stick gingerly caress the surface of the egg and slowly sink in the chop stick to let the egg yolk oozing out like hot lava. Mix the lava yolk, sweet sauce with little of noodle and bee hoon. This heavenly concoction is your deadly breakfast you must have in Tangjong Pagar area. Drooling now? Hehe


Cheers! 🙂

Exterior of Tanjong Pagar food centre on the 2nd floor
The morning rush hour always have Q
Lovely couple as she cook and he serves
Wet version yummy yellow noodle
Semi wet Bee hoon
This is the bomb breakfast
It taste even better with their sweet sauce and chili
Super runny egg yolk
Firm, thick and solid luncheon meat

Name: Zhen Bin Cooked food
Yumminess: 9.5/10
Where:6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza 2nd floor, Singapore 081006
Lights on: Daily 0600 – 1030 hrs, closed every Sunday and alternate Sat


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