Long Q mouthwatering duck rice in the West (Singapore)

I am loving this duck rice.

Looking for delicious hawker food in Singapore is getting tougher by the day ever since the fever of many food blog posting their version of yummy hawker food in Singapore, most of the food posting is a hit with little at disappointment. But that is natural since not everyone taste bud is the same. What define good and delicious is really depend on individual taste, and here i find this duck rice is a must to be eat when you in the West of Singapore or Jurong area. Her constant Q line is the proof of yummy food after I observe a few time before I try it.

Located in a coffee shop in near Jurong East MRT and just behind CPF building, you have to go into the building to locate this coffee shop since they don’t face the main road like most coffee shop do. And please be prepared to Q for at least 15 mins for his duck rice.

I would recommend to order a duck rice set to go and the set is come with Duck meat and yum rice of course, other ingredient will be braised peanut, cut tofu (bean curd), braised egg and a complimentary bowl of soup. The duck meat? they are tender, moist and chewy and it doesn’t has those “dry” bite; the yum rice also has a mild aromatic smell and they are pretty chewy too with a moist texture. The additional of thick braised sauce on the yum rice helps to elevate the tasty yum rice even better, and i like it that way since I am a Cantonese and Cantonese like they rice to be more moist. The homemade tofu is a not as soft but that’s the way it is when eat with duck rice I guess. And needless to say about the braised peanut as they are soft soft with chewy bite. And I going to try their kway chap (flat rice noodle with mixed pig organ) when I visit them the next time.


Lovely duck rice tuck inside a coffee shop
They even have their own uniform
I like my plate of duck with more gravy
close up and are you craving for it?

Name: Houson Herbal Duck and Roasted Meat
Yumminess: 7.8/10
Where:132 Jurong Gateway Rd, Singapore 600132 (inside a coffee shop)
Lights on: Daily 0900 – 2000 hrs
Nearest MRT: Jurong East MRT


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