Drooling little bite size fried carrot cake (Singapore)

When we look for delicious food in the east, one of our choice will be the Tampines famous round market and food centre. And this round market is always the obvious choice for residents living within Tampines or near by, since this is the only wet market and hawker stall in Tampines which managed by HDB (Housing and Development Board, a government agency taking charge of public housing and all hawker stall within their food center).

The Tampines round market has a few yummy and delicious food if you carefully scout within the food centre. I like to visit heartland food centre as you can see for yourself which stall has constant Q which reflect their food is yummy and the residents love it.

This is one humble little hawker stall selling delicious fried carrot cake and is helm by an old couple and their son is also  selling the same food just behind their stall. Their typical morning is always busy frying plate after plate and packet after package for their hungry and loyal customer. Apparently it doesn’t take too long for my plate of black sweet sauce to arrive, despite their constant order from the constant streaming in of hungry customer.

Well, I took a look at this simple plate of black sweet sauce fried carrot cake on my table, and I can sense the fried carrot cake if greeting me a good morning. It has a moist semi glossy texture which very enticing to look at, the egg is well beaten and spread out nicely without any big chunk of egg on the plate. Each piece of carrot cake is at a right bite size and I am sure is baby friendly too.

After I took the 1st bite, chew on it and I would say they are really fried to the right texture; as they are fluffy soft and chewy bite on each carrot cake, and the chye boh (Preserved Turnips) is crunchy and well spread out on the plate of fried carrot cake too. The egg is soft, little springy and little jelly like and I like it very much and loving it. Gonna go back for more whenever I have chance to hit the east of Singapore.

The famous Tampines round market
The father mother stall while their son helm another stall just behind them
Seriously they are seriously busy in the morning as he frying non stop
Tender, chewy carrot cake and fluffy soft egg
Lovely smoking hot moist texture

Name: Xiong Ji Ang Mo Kio Fried Carrot Cake
Yumminess: 8/10
Where:137 Tampines Street 11 Singapore 521137
Lights on: Daily 0700 – 1200 hrs
Nearest MRT : Tampines MRT and walk South West about 1km.
Bus : 8, 17, 18, 20, 28, 34, 39, 59 and 518


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