Yummy Yong Tao Fu with chili sauce that gonna blow your head off (Singapore)

Opposite HabourFront Centre or behind the bus terminal, there is this food centre called Seah Im Food Centre. She is one old lady serving up thousand of hungry white collar and blue collar worker around the area, and she always very living from as early as 6am till early evening.

There is one hawker stall serving up good bowl of hot Yong Tau Fu with soup that satisfied every hungry soul visited her.

The Tian Ji Niang Dou Fu (assort meat filling)

This is one of the popular hawker stall in Seah Im Food Centre, she has her own loyal customer and there is always Q during lunch and dinner time. And people usually go with the soup version since that is the better choice vs dry version.



Chef busy at work

The cook is always busy and hardly rest even during low time as he always moving around and prepare for next big crowd coming in, he is always sorting out ingredients, tidy up the place and replenishing ingredients with low quantity.



The price list

They have a good display of what they are selling and also have their price list on display with different types of order they offer. So when you are Q-ing up behind long line, look up to their signage with images of order they offer and when you get closer to place order; look at their detail pricing and decide what you would like to have to fill your stomach.



SGD$4.00 version

This is the SGD4,00 version and you have the luxury of an extra bowl for your crispy fried Yong Tau Fu, so you have the crispy stuff in your bowl of soup version Yong Tau Fu; where the crispy Yong Tau Fu will soak up the soup and become soft… if you don’t eat it fast enough. Haha



SGD$4.00 version with 7 pcs Yong Tau Fu

And if you love vegetable very much. They are very generous on the cabbage they put into a simple SGD4,00 bowl of Yong Tau Fu with soup and type of noodle you want to go with it. Some fried stuff they will put into the soup version to let it simmer a little to add more bite to it crispiness.



Crispy crunchy piece in a separate bowl

The bowl for deep fried piece is really crispy and crunchy. When you bite on it, the pretty sound of crispiness exploded and when you chew on it the heavenly sound of crunchiness is like music in your ear. And it is soft, tender and hot inside so be careful when you eat it and don’t your tongue.



SGD$3.50 Version
Close up and drooling look

The Tofu (bean curd) taste like a homemade version as it has porous texture within and crunchy skin after deep frying. With the porous texture, you get to taste the soup trapped within and soup is mild sweet due to the vegetable and concoction of others ingredients.



Chili on the left that blow your head off

This bright vivid red chili dipping sauce on the left is what you should aim for if you are really into spiciness, it has the instant punch to your taste bud when you dip the Yong Tau Fu and bite on it. The spiciness instantly hit you and the sourness is just heavenly. I would say the owner added something else to create a killer punch chili dipping sauce, and I so in love with this chili sauce and the owner said this spicy sour chili sauce usually is for take away order. But i want it every time I eat there! 🙂



Name:Tian Ji Niang Dou Fu
Yumminess: 8.5/10
Where: 81 Telok Blangah Rd, Singapore 098867
Lights on: Daily 0800 – 2100 hrs
Nearest MRT: Harbourfront MRT and take Exit A
Bus: 10, 30, 57, 61, 65, 80, 97, 97e, 100, 123, 123M, 131, 143, 145, 166, 188R and 855



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