Chiang Mai

Heavenly concoction of Glutinous rice with durian (Chiang Mai)

Before I check out from hotel, me and my partner decided to try our luck on some last food hunt in the morning. Upon checking with the hotel staff some good local day market, and I hit straight Bumrung Buri Market (ตลาดบำรุงบุรีกาดหมออินทร์) located just inside of Chiang Mai gate (One of the many gates surrounding the old city).

The market is pretty big and the setup is like any wet market you encounter in Singapore back in the late 70’s. When I was there with my partner, we saw a group of Caucasian tourist sampling some food and realised it was a local organised food tasting tour; and we stood beside the host as she explained to the group what food is that, and how it make etc. Love the way she present and shall join a food tasting tour next time when I visit Chiang Mai again.

I ate some kind of pancake and pastry from market and found it just so so and decided my food hunt trip ends at previous night. As I prepare just explore the entire wet market and head back to check out after the market visit, I partner found a gem and its brighten up my day again. She passed a fruit store and decided to try their glutinous rice with durian which I don’t fancy at all, because I am not a fan of Thai durian as the big fat bright yellow meat does not entice me. But I would say not for this one as the durian meat is in dark yellow, and as I watch her chew the glutinous rice with durian. Her eye just look so sparking and she took another spoonful and proclaim is yummy! I even instantly smell the fragrance of the durian when she open up the packet, and so I quickly took a spoonful of glutinous rice with durian and coconut milk and guzzle it. WONDERFUL! That spoonful of everything instantly run riot in my mouth! The rice had the aromatic bite with the mild sweet creamy smooth coconut milk; the durian is creamy and fluffy soft like cheese. The unique concoction of glutinous rice, durian and coconut milk gave the whole new meaning of yumminess, and I left Chiang Mai with a “Joker” face.

Day market (Bumrung Buri Market ตลาดบำรุงบุรีกาดหมออินทร์)
Interior of the market
Hit the jackpot by chance
They sell sticky rice with mango/durian and other fruits
Assorted flavor sticky rice with mango
Assorted flavor sticky rice with durian and coconut milk

Name: Inside Bumrung Buri Market ตลาดบำรุงบุรีกาดหมออินทร์
Yumminess: 8/10
Where:19/2 Nantaram Rd, Hai Ya, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand
Lights on: Daily 0600 – 1200 hrs


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