Chiang Mai

Juicy, super juicy tender grilled chicken!!! Dipping sauce will “kill” you too!(Chiang Mai)

It was a lazy humid afternoon and after a short nap in hotel room. Decided to find some food to eat before dinner, so I approached hotel staff and asked where to find delicious food in Chiang Mai, and he suggested a grilled chicken restaurant which is well known to local. I immediately head there without 2nd thought, I reached there pretty late which near closing time of 5pm. What greeted me at the shop front was an awesome display of ready grilled roasted chicken, and on top of that was also view of dripping chicken essence from the row of grilled chicken displayed. And I almost drool in front of the staff who was busy chopping up those juicy chicken for customer.

They sell the chicken either in half (90 Baht) or whole (170 Bath), and I order half to go since I still want to have dinner later. The staff skilfully removes a grilled chicken from the skewer, and chopping it into pieces using chopper and a thong in swiping fast motion. Hmmm… She must have chopped up thousands of grilled chicken to reach that skill. After she packed the chopped grilled roasted chicken into a recycled paper container, I asked for the chilli and she gave me one and I asked for another packet. She said 5 Baht for every extra packet of chilli, wow and that will be the 1st I need to pay for extra chilli and I am sure the chilli must be something; if not they won’t charge extra for more chilli.

Upon back to hotel room, I quickly open up the packed grilled chicken and fragrance escaped and filled the room. I began to make my fingers do the work at once, and 1st the skin is really thin; and thin like a piece of paper with great moist dark golden texture and translucent, the taste of skin is just fantastic because of the seasoning on skin was perfectly coated on. I quickly woke my partner to eat while still hot as she still in a long nap.

I pressed on the soft tender meat and they are with the right moisture and needless to say the meat is juicy too, and with easy to peel meat I am sure is good for young kid to eat. When I bite and chew on the meat, it released the aroma of the well marinated meat and conquers your taste bud instantly. Now come the dipping chilli sauce, and they may be made in heaven sweet Thai chilli sauce. It is spicy sweet and has a silky smooth texture, I am sure they added some other things to enhance and intensify the quality of the typical Thai dipping chilli sauce. Both I and my partner eat until we licked our finger to devour the very last remaining of this wonderland grilled chicken.

Exterior of the shop in an scorching afternoon
Yummy grilled chicken for hungry customer
Their daily opening hour
Grilling in process
Grilling in process 2
Half chicken 90 Bht and full chicken 170 Bht
No hand on chicken using only chopper and tong
Perfectly grill chicken
Fantastic recycle packaging
shiny wonderful texture
Juicy meat with aromatic skin
Paper thin chicken skin
Paper thin skin is almost translucent
Typical Thai sweet chilli but this pack extra punch and pay extra 5 Bht for extra chilli

Name: SP Chicken ไก่ย่างเอสพี
Yumminess: 9.5/10
Where: Samlan Rd Soi 1, Tambon Si Phum, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand
Tel: +66 80 500 5035
Lights on: Daily 1000 – 1700 hrs


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