Chiang Mai

Assort of drooling deep fried food (Chiang Mai)

Warorot market is one of the oldest market in Chiang Mai, by day is busting with daily life. As the day approach towards the end of the day with stalls closing 1 by 1. One section of the street opposite the market just begin to bust into life with various street hawkers.

I was hoping to see a night market but found a great street food instead. As I browsing stall from stall to see what kind food was offered in Chiang Mai, and I found this particular street hawker stall having a constant stream of customer packing their dinner. This stall selling mainly all kinds of fried food and compare with other stall of same kind, they have much more customer compare with the others.

The fried food selling by this stall is just like what other stall is selling too along the street. What stands out beside the obvious amount of crowd, is their fried chicken feet and their deep fried fish looks more fresh compare with others. They have fried fish, fried chicken feet, fried sotong, fried fresh water prawn, fried ikan bilis (Anchovies), fried pork meat, fried pork belly, fried chicken etc.

All these street stall they don’t do dine in. So you need to pack and go. So did my partner and I picked our choice of fried staff and headed back to hotel to eat. The fried fish was surprising fresh, chewy tender on the meat and crispy on the skin and my partner even devour the fish head. The star is actually the fried chicken feet and coasted with sesame seed, and the aroma of sesame seed run riot in your mouth when I took the 1 bite; the chicken feet was crunchy on the outside too. And the rest of fried staff, they are really perfectly fried with the crispy crunchiness on the outside and soft bite inside. The additional coating of sesame seed to some fried staff enhance the level of delicious.

A small stretch of road on the right side turns in street food stall at night
The constant crowded stall
Customer waiting for their order to be packed
Crispy on the out and tender on the inside deep fried fish
Pick your choice of deep fried
Deep fried ikan bilis (Anchovies)
Deep fried fresh water prawn
yum yum pork belly
deep fried sesame seed coated chicken feet
Deep fried chicken drum stick
Our plate of order
Lovely assort of deep fried food

Yumminess: 9/10
Where: เลข ที่ 144 ถนน วิ ชยา นนท์ อ.เมืองเชียงใหม่ ต.ช้างม่อย Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand
Lights on: Daily 1800 – 2300 hrs


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