Chiang Mai

“Famous” Cowboy girl make you super delicious pork leg rice with lava egg york (Chiang Mai)

Hey lady, you know? You are so famous that my friends who visited Chiang Mai told me I must eat you… oops. I mean I must eat your pork leg rice when I am in Chiang Mai.

When I was approaching your stall from far, I already saw some foreigner snapping photos of you while you at work. As my heart beating like a cho cho train when I get closer to your stall, OMG… You are really Cowgirl! And it is understood your nick came from a very famous Taiwan singer back in the late 70’2 and early 80’s, this famous singer always wear a hat whenever she perform. So your stall name “Fung Fei fei pork leg rice” was taken from the name of the Taiwanese singer called Fung Fei Fei. So the name must be from Taiwan’s tourist.

When I reached your stall, you were busy chopping up plates after plates of meat for you hunger customer. In front of you was a giant potful of pork leg and other part of pig. I quickly look for an empty seat without hesitation but it was full house, so I have to wait for about 5 mins for an empty seat.

Finally empty seat was available and move in swiftly to take the empty seat and please my order at once. My food came within 2-3mins. The look and texture of the plate of pork leg rice made me drooling; the egg was shining with creamy texture of the egg york! I took a spoon and scoop up some egg york and they drip like lava @@. The pork leg meat is really soft and tender, so soft and is slowly melting in your mouth and utterly suitable for old folks and baby without teeth. The meat is definitely easy to peep open since it is soft; this is the result of long hour simmering. The gravy is mild sweet, starchy and little sour, and the egg is just perfect. Chewy QQ egg white with creamy lava egg york.

After I finished my plate of pork leg rice, I wanted to say good bye with you but I was pulled away by my partner in swift action. I will come back again for your pork leg rice.

The famous one
My heart was beating fast when i saw you
Look at your smile
savory pork
yummy rice waiting for my stomach
glossy creamy lava egg york
Is complimentary, just pick anything you like to go with
The famous cowboy girl

Name: ข้าวขาหมูช้างเผือก
Yumminess: 9.5/10
Where: Si Phum, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand
Tel: +66 81 366 2969
Lights on: Daily 1700 – 0200 hrs


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