Chiang Mai

Simply yummy poached egg dessert anyone? (Chiang Mai)

I love dessert and I will say this is one dessert I have never tried before and I just fall in love after my 1st bite. It is a very simple dessert with only 2-3 ingredients but the taste is fantastic.

This stall opens only in the evening and is only a few stall away from the famous pork leg rice stall (click HERE), the stall has just very simple set up and what stands out from the stall is the few huge pots in front; and it is a joy to see the owner preparing dessert for his hungry customer. The owner doesn’t rush or cut any corner, and he takes his time to prepare and ensure his hot dessert is well cook with proportion of well balance ingredients . From the packet after packet of order he received, I am pretty sure his hot dessert is delicious and finger licking good too.

In front of his stall there are 3 big pots. One is filled with hot coconut milk, the 2nd one is for his boiling pearly yum ball and the other is for poached eggs; he will switch the pots in between for whatever reason. Anyway I quickly order 2 bowls for me and my partner, and watched him doing the “show”.

The coconut milk was middle sweet, the pearly yum ball is springy chewy and the poached egg is perfectly cook as it is springy when bite on it and is nice to chew on the fluffy egg white. Needless to say, the concoction of coconut milk, pearly yum ball and poached egg, has make this simple humble bowl of dessert a sinfully delicious hot dessert you should eat. My partner wants more and I told her more delicious food hunt is on the list, so we left and head to our next food hunt place. 🙂

Wonder little dessert stall
Owner preparing take away order
Hot coconut milk and poached eggs
Pearly yum ball
Pearly yum ball and boiling poached eggs for infuse flavor
Ready and serve to holding tray for hungry stomach
Green pearl yellow york and coconut milk for killer concoction

Yumminess: 9/10
Where: 248/70 Manee Nopparat Rd, Tambon Si Phum, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50200, Thailand
Lights on: Daily 1800 – 2200 hrs


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