Chiang Mai

Crispy crunchy spicy creamy curry noodle with chicken (Chiang Mai)

Here is my 1st Chiang Mai food post. This was a recommendation by my friend who visit Chiang Mai often and tasted one the best and thus recommends me to try out.
They are located at a corner shop house, and about 3-4 mins drive from Old City (center of ChiangMai). When we reached there near closing time of 3pm, the seats was still about 50% filled on a hot summer afternoon. And their fans were working like a horse to fan away the afternoon heat from the scorching sun. We ordered their signature dish Khao Soil “curried noodle with chicken” for myself, and ‘rice Muslim-style curried chicken” my partner.

Our order came pretty fast, and my bowl of curried noodle came with complimentary salted vegetable on side plate, lime and cut onion. Whereas my partner rice set came with a bowl of soup and Thai sweet chilli. I eagerly wanted to find out how delicious the noodle and it didn’t fail me. I attacked the curry 1st since that is the star of this meal and I wasn’t disappointed for my 1st blood in Chiang Mai. The curry was heavily thick, creamy, fragrance and with all the kick of a curry should have, and they pretty much on a mild spicy side. After added in the lime, it elevates the taste of curry to another level. The 2 little chicken drum was pretty much little any other chicken drum you have in Singapore but they on the soft side. As for the thick flat yellow noodle, they are springy and chewy and the crispy noodle is really crispy and crunchy! I love them very much.

Next come the rice Muslim-style curried chicken, the rice was tasty and richly fragrance. The chicken thigh was soft and tender and my partner and I like the texture too. Our 1st trip to Chiang Mai and we hit the jackpot! Before we left, we walked to the cooking area to look at the curried and it was bloody red with chilli oil. The look of it without tasting can tell the curry is mouth-watering, and I asked what type of crispy noodle they use. It turns out they just simply fried the thick yellow noodle to golden brown, which look very appetizing and I took a few to bite at their permission.

I recommend traveller to make this the 1st stop when visiting Chiang Mai.


A wonder shop on a hot hot afternoon
Still pretty busy near closing time of 3pm
Love these old school condiment container
The menu
Simple and wonderful bowl of curried noodle
Sinfully crispy noodle
Aromatic fragrance yellow rice
Tender soft chicken thigh dip in chili, perfect
Springy thick flat yellow noodle
Sinful blood red curry
Boiling hot curry
Lovely deep fried crispy noodle

Name: Khao Soi Lam Duan ข้าวซอยลำดวน
Yumminess: 9.5/10
Where: ถนน เจริญราษฎร์ Wang KET, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand
Tel: +66 53 243 519
Lights on: Daily 0800 – 1500 hrs


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